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Mohammad Asif

ID 277330

Rushabh Sanghvi

Founded Democratik Ventures, a community based model for event management in year 2013 which failed eventually, ended up teaching me the most valuable lessons.

ID 799806

Anil Kumar

IIT KGP CS,Fresher;Highly interested in working in startups.

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Satyajeet Vishwakarma

Satyajeet Vishwakarma : #Student, #Geek, #AdrenalineJunkie, #Programmer, #Developer, #ExtremeThinker, #Explorer, #Reader,#MindHacker, #CoffeeEnthusiast #Single

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Lakhbir Singh

B.Tech. CSE MNNIT Allahabad, Working in SAMSUNG as middle/front-end developer on S-REMINDER(SAMSUNG) app. Willing to work in new startup environment.  

ID 747975

Sumeet Poojary

MBA Marketing And IT(Pursuing) from Bangalore University, with a Bachelor in Computer Science background from Pune University.

ID 746139

Nirupama Javaray

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