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ID 107384

Abhinav Singh

FOSS Enthusiast, Erlanger, XMPP Evangelist, Realtime System Architect/Consultant, Musician. Building scalable, fault-tolerant, real-time and distributed systems

ID 89310

Krishna Jha


Founded mobile startup ITFinity in 1999 (sold to OnMobile in 2008). Now 2x entrepreneur and angel investor.

ID 79362

Rajaram Gaunker

Full stack generalist, 11+yrs as leader, mentor and individual , 7 yrs in startups. JS, Java, C++, consumer internet, digital Marketing, machine learning.

ID 82033

Shivakumar Ganesan

Founder & Techie at Exotel

ID 43939

Parvesh Garg

Founded Slabble, previously worked at @inmobi and @yahoo

ID 368726

Ritesh Shah

Experienced in e-commerce industry

ID 75428


Co-founder @tripthirsty @ideophone. Redefining journeys. Information-retrieval expert. Conceived & built @yahoo Indichat, 5 million users. M.Tech IIIT-B

ID 112689


co-founder at @vidadmetrix , Hacker, Tech Evangelist. Previously developer @yahoo . Worked on large scale data analytic platforms.

ID 218126

Prashanth Gopinath

I'm (NodeJS, JavaScript, Python, Django, css, HTML5, CouchDB) evangelist. Believe in scrum and Agile methodologies, passionate pro- grammer, love design patterns, frequent hiker.

ID 207143

Karimulla S.

Worked on world class products like Farmville, Cityville, Amazon associates & its payments and G.E.Healthcare's platform software. Want to build my own product.

ID 223656

Rajesh Ksv

@zipdial . Worked at @yahoo, @amazon • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 43643

Harishankaran K

Co-founder @ @interviewstreet, Ex-IBMer, GSOCer,

ID 51986

Kapil Karekar

Geek, startup boy, ex-Yahoo!, ex-ESPN, ex-Inmobi with an intense focus on creating products which make users happy. Co-founded, India's largest online lingerie retailer.

ID 243789

Rajesh Kumar S A

ex-Yahoo!, ex-Inmobi, start-up, hacker, hadoop, AWS, javascript, python, node.js, geeky stuff

ID 798

Sukanta Ganguly


Founded startup in the broadband nw, consumer media and security space, PhD, MBA and serial entrepreneur & angel investor, working on the next exciting play

ID 343628

Ramsyam Missula

I'm an entrepreneur, creative thinker with 17 years of experience in payments, banking & internet applications.

ID 43690

Surendran Mahendran

Founder @markupwand • Worked at @yahoo @interviewstreet • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-trichy

ID 68549

Vijay Ramachandran

Founder at WisdomTap - analyzing social media for usable signals (interests, recommendations, purchase intent). Extensive large scale system experience.

ID 37876

Anush Ramani

Co-founder of @xola, worked at @thoughtworks, @intel and @fidelity-investments. Computer hacker since age 12. MBA in innovation and technology.

ID 138169

Arun Prabhakar

Early employee at many Indian startups. Taggle, @tutorvista, Boltell etc. Django expert. JS Ninja, CSS weaver.

ID 302623

Md Maaz

Android Lead, Touchtalent - 2014 Software Engineer at PayPal - 2014 from IIT Kanpur 2012;

ID 229656

Kartikay Sahay

Developer at Yahoo, Pseudo-PM and Full-time Tinkerer

ID 312766

Saran || Saravanan Thiyagarajan

9+ yrs of exp in System Side Programming/Tools Development in OpenSource Technologies [ Perl,Unix,Mysql ]

ID 265868

Ishwar Sridharan

Founder @exotel • Worked at @yahoo, @sap-labs

ID 220736

Aadithya Gowda

Worked at @adobe-systems • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @national-institute-of-technology-suratkal

ID 104803

Sudipta Banerjee

Technology leader with a decade of hands-on exposure to cloud, social and mobile products. Detailed profession profile on

ID 308716

Pradip Caulagi

Generalist developer

ID 383032

Ankit Tandon

IIIT Allahabad Graduate, Generalist , Worked previously at Yahoo! for 5+ years

ID 216363

Bharath R

Architect of ad-serving at InMobi. Former AWS platform engineer. Expertise in programming on the Java platform. Python scripting part-timer. Concurrent programming & distributed systems enthusiast.

ID 362356

Swati Singhi

SDE II - 2+ Yrs experience - Currently working in Big data domain with a startup called Qubole. Past - PESIT 2011 Graduate

ID 268054

Rakesh Rajan

Founder @lifeblob • Worked at @trilogy, @inmobi

ID 227482

Venkata Kotra krishna

Hacks @xola Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi Worked at @flipkart, @ibibo Works in PHP Technology Stack. End-to-end developer.

ID 8931

Akshay Surve

Founder @deltax, @ads4good • Worked at @ideeli, @pinstorm; I write code; breathe startups; certified hackathon specialist; braveheart and artist.

ID 395069

Manjeer Srujan

Certified MS offered by CMU. Worekd as SDE in Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart

ID 154321

Yazhini Sp

Founder at Pint • Worked at @google, @ita-software • Programmer

ID 310966

Maruti Borker

Co-builder @hurricaneviz . Frontend developer

ID 241578

Manas Garg

Worked at Yahoo! & Motorola. Strong technical background spanning 14 years in web development & networking.

ID 162863

Emaad Ahmed Manzoor

MS student @king-abdullah-university-of-science-and-technology • Worked @yahoo, @tachyon-technologies • Undergrad @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 129988

Sairam Kunala

Works at @flipkart . Worked at @amazon, @crypsis-technologies-pvt-ltd • @42events Studied at @iiit-hyderabad

ID 178355

Mayur Rustagi

Founder @sigmoid-analytics • Worked at @adobe-systems • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-kharagpur

ID 191804

Renganathan Ramamoorthy

Worked at @google, @amazon @siemens | Studied at @thunderbird-school-of-global-management, @university-of-kerala and currently making open web media better.

ID 267613

Ravindra Kumar

Full Stack Developer, Speaker, Open source lover, Love to code Android, Ruby/Javascript. Mobile application developer by web development skills.

ID 276144

Nishant Gupta

o Expertise in Web Application Development and Database Analytics o Experience in designing and developing robust, secure and highly scalable systems o Designed and implemented two Facebook games (Islander, Caesar City) reaching 1M+ users. o Have strong p

ID 465723

Akshay Katyal

Engineer, Entrepreneur. Building @aboutnumber Worked @hackerearth. Open Source contributor, Web Paraclete. Obsessed with modular maintainable code.

ID 523538

Parag Majumdar

Co Founder Productive Mobile • Worked at @cleartrip, @evoleas • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 459867

Shreedhar Shetty

Front end engineer with 2 years experience in Product companies like Flipkart and Cleartrip

ID 169529

Karthikeyan Ravi

Worked at @amazon • Studied at @anna-university

ID 291763


Co-founder at Sellerworx. Tech leadership exp in, Amazon, JDA and tesco.

ID 26665

Theyagarajan S

Product Manager @bankbazaar-com . Prevously Founder @shopo-in (Acquired by @snapdeal ), @freshdesk , @novell • Eng @national Institute Of Technology Trichy

ID 80595


Co-founder at gazeMetrix. Tech handyman. Computer Vision, devops, C++, Python

ID 190298

Sankaran Kaliappan

Techie, Quick learner, Idea hacker, REST API geek, Startup lover, Social animal.

ID 118940

Soumen Sarkar


ID 167080

Div Shekhar

Full stack developer with lots of startup experience.

ID 344820

Pratyush Verma

Full stack generalist; Interested in Development and Design patterns; Developed mobile platform and apps; Worked at Microsoft;

ID 327536

Sourabh Agrawal

IIT CS Graduate 2009, > 5 Yrs. Experience

ID 182605

Tirthesh Ganatra

A StartUp Guy; a HeadStarter and Chief Disciple at @pricebaba

ID 241998

Abishek Bhat

Founded Mitosis Studios in College,went on to work with Indix on their crawler/parser infrastructure. Passionate about Machine Learning and Big Data.

ID 12703

Subhendu Panigrahi

Co-Founder @venturesity @innovation-angels @reversepitch Previous Shelf Life Engineer @infratab

ID 246443

Srinivas Iyengar

Founder at Song of the day India. Worked at @flipkart, @microsoft • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-durgapur

ID 239911

Karthik Kumar Viswanathan

Generalist. Builder. Worked at @zynga, Amazon, @netapp and a lot of small shops.

ID 453245

Aishwarya Reddy

A Full Stack Developer wanting to learn and experiment with more tech, while searching for meaningful and challenging problems to solve.

ID 217515

Jason E. Barkeloo

Don't Tell Me Why We Can't; Tell Me How We Will -------> Founder @Bacterial Robotics Worked @US Army Worked @CDCgov Taught secondary and post-secondary science

ID 385660

Phalgun Guduthur

2012 grad, FOSS hacker and evangelist, GSoC '12

ID 265779

Gopinath Prathapaneni

Focused Android Developer with strong passion to craft the best experience, cares for design, have own apps on the play store. Searching for the next big thing.

ID 106695

Sidu Ponnappa

Founder @trustedrishta. Formerly founder and CEO @c42-engineering + @codemonk, co-founder @activmobs. Worked at @thoughtworks.

ID 153104

Shubham Jain

Developer Intern at HackerEarth

ID 231959

Giridhar Murthy

Founder @little-eye-labs • Worked at @apple-inc-1-deleted, @rational-software

ID 355186

Varun Nayak

Developer @teliportme

ID 553356

Gaurav Jain

Always enthusiastic to learn new technologies, designs, architectures and apply them.

ID 5252

Joe Shapiro

CEO of oncam. 8 year making hi-tech internet video. Strong business and product development background. Wharton 2005.

ID 151507

Madhu G.B

Programmer - Co-founder @quickly , past @guitarstreet, @debatr-me - B.Sc Grad

ID 349724

Rushi Vishavadia

Software Engineer, Mac Enthusiast, coffee junkie, cricket lover

ID 127603

Kumar Rangarajan

Founder & Chief Ion @little-eye-labs • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @rational-software, @ibm, @bluecoat-inc

ID 33377

Vivek Rp


Jack of all trades and One of the youngest entrepreneur of India. Out of the Box Thinker and Creative Designer. Co-founder & CEO & CloudInfi.

ID 83701

Swaroop C H

Web apps engineer. Popular books on Python and Vim. Popular blog in India. Previously Yahoo!, Adobe, own startup, Infibeam, consultant.

ID 4127

Siddharth Sivaraman

Founding Empolyee @teliportme, Image Processing and Graphics Development, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer from BITS.

ID 173501

Parvinder Singh

Founder Galcsy

ID 611601

Arindam Mani Das

Worked at @hackerearth, @yourstory-in • Studied at @sikkim-manipal-university-of-health-medical-technology-sciences

ID 655692

Ayush Ghosh

Founder @hackacademy, @test-stone • Developer @bookmyshow , Security Consultant @icici-bank and @ndtv-convergence . Loving to learn Go & AngularJS and AWS.

ID 182199

Juzer Ali

Web/Software developer, nodejs evangelist, writer

ID 236134

Anshul Gupta

Worked at @naspers • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 200753

Pratik Poddar

Founder @clipr, @spiral-content-solutions • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @the-blackstone-group • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 367169

Mayank Kumar

GSoCer, JavaScript, HTML5, WebRTC, Session Description Protocol and XMPP

ID 84582

Abhisheek Patra

Working as a Lead Developer at VentureHire

ID 462823

Sudipta Sen

Working as Software Engineer at @hoverr, a startup that's on the way of changing world's vision to the advertisements.

ID 523133

Shashank Murali

Worked at @socialblood-org-1, @dapple-1 • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science; Android Dev; Web Hacker.

ID 649658

Sathvik Vishwanath

Founded Unocoin - a way for Indians to buy & sell bitcoins. Prevously founded VentureNext Inc to serve a 3D scripting market. MBIT from University of Melbourne

ID 55506

Sundarram P. V.

Sr. Developer, Interviewstreet. Co-founder of Worked as early stage employee at &

ID 95230

Phaneendra Hegde

Software developer. Startups, Digital advertising, SaaS, Big data, Cloud, Consumer Web, Opensource, Linux, Python, Git, Chess,Coffee, Books, Indian

ID 563538

Aakash Goel

Full stack Javascript-er. Design focussed. Strong startup experience (Capillary Technologies, MineWhat Inc.). CS grad VIT, Vellore 2012.

ID 590449

Darshan Kumar

Software Engineer

ID 289627

Sandeep Raju

opensource enthusiast | design buff | plivo | web dev | love startups, coding, chocolate and my laptop ;)

ID 23123

Ramprasad Rajendran

Founder @hashcube • Worked at @motorola, @wipro-technologies

ID 2035

Shree Kant Bohra

Founder of Geekybuddha Technologies. Strong technical background. Previously worked on one mobile and web startup. .

ID 81271

Lakshman Prasad

Python Architect

ID 558008

Subbu Jois

Futurist, OSS Architect, UserCentricWeb, IoT, Omnichannel, GraphDB, BigData, 3D Printing, Nano.

ID 115878

Jitender Sharan

Founder, CEO @ciphergraph-networks Highly experienced professional in cloud, networking and security domain.

ID 169512

Kamaljeet Singh

Founder @second-light • Worked at @headstrong • Studied at @nit-jalandhar

ID 73578

Shiv Deepak

ID 120809

Balakrishnan V K

Engineer @tookitaki . Node.js/JavaScript hacker. previously @SocialHues, @gitgrow. Writes @

ID 332993

Rahul Prasad

Entrepreneur by birth. Founded my first startup while I was in high school. Worked at multiple startups and MNCs.

ID 511621

Kartik Rustagi

Worked at @citrix-systems, Studied at @delhi-college-of-engineering

ID 97245

Hrishikesh Choudhari

Product guy. Mixin of UX & Programming. Aware of market realities.

ID 102215

Thejesh GN

geek, blogger, motorcycle tourist, traveler, adventurer, programmer, web guy, photographer, Bangalorean, WebFwd Scout. I blog @

ID 368569

Dipanwita Dasㅤ

Product Developer at VentureHire

ID 177805

Abhay Jain

Worked at @grexit, @octro-inc-noida • Studied at @netaji-subhas-institute-of-technology

ID 205168

Srivatsan Mohan

Founder @ridingo • Worked at @verizon, @hewlett-packard-labs

ID 156057

Parag Arora

Engineering Manager at Paytm after acquisition of Plustxt Founder @plustxt * @smsgupshup IIT Delhi

ID 471615

Ranjeet singh

Worked for @Tata-consulting-services, @tripbell, @spacenab, @campusdiaries • Studied at @Hindu-college

ID 501741

Anil Unnikrishnan

ID 192781

Farooq A Rahim

Founder, CEO @dotmach

ID 102129

Vijay Rayapati

CEO at Minjar

ID 173132

Bhavin Javia

Founder @mavenhive • Worked at @thoughtworks • Studied at @pesit

ID 473456

loganathan Sivasamy

Anna University, SignEasy Foundation Engineer

ID 265412

Abhishek Vaid

Researcher, Programmer, Developer in solutions in Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, MongoDB, Web Services, Stastical Modeling, Big Data and Text Mining

ID 78773

Anup Verma


Founder @anupzone-private-limited

ID 298710

Prashant Andani

Founder • Worked at @zipdial, @holidayiq

ID 45861

Vara Kumar

Founder & hacker at @whatfix. Whatfix is an awesome alternative to text & video articles. Earlier founded @searchenabler.

ID 424211

Bharat Soni

Front-end Development Specialist, UI/UX hacker, End To End front-end development experience with a consumer web product at an early stage startup

ID 207104

Anandha Krishnan

Co-Founder Mavenhive, Services Startup • Worked with Ennova, Services Startup, Worked at Thoughtworks, at Thoughtworks Studios, Trainer at Thoughtworks

ID 101237

Shankar Mahesh

Entrepreneur | Product Geek, Love travelling | CEO & Co-founder @learnyst & @karaokegarage | Worked at @motorola, @huawei

ID 80347

Ravi Madabhushi

Co-Founder, ZapStitch. Worked at Studied at BITS - Pilani. Bullish about the future of cloud based SaaS applications. Strong Java, J2EE

ID 406927

Niketh Sabbineni

CTO and Founder @bookpad-inc. Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati. Worked at @amazon and @sourcebits-1

ID 299515

Brijesh Gajaria

More than 10 years of app development

ID 272762

Srisha Haridas

BITS Pilani Electronics. Engineer at India Drivers Network

ID 20682

Kiran Nagaraj

Founder @ironsense | Worked @cisco @bosch | Studied @insead-1, @UniMysore | Problem-Solver | Product Manager | Simplifier | Tech - Video, N/W, Web | SLP Fellow

ID 344318

Raja Nagendra Kumar

Founder TejaSoft Innovations since 10 years. Has deep expertise in building, re-engineering products and Inventor of Services 2.0 model

ID 138571

Pradeep Banavara

Engineering head @tookitaki Worked @microsoft Ventures Co-founder @beetroute-in Worked @arris

ID 478553

Hitesh Kumar

Full Stack Engineer, Have built highly revenue generating widgets on, Large Scale.

ID 201762

Kumar Puspesh

Founder @moonfrog-labs • Worked at @zynga, @komli-media, @lehman-brothers • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-kharagpur

ID 447327

Vikash Kumar

Founding Engineer @zopnow, Graduated from @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 78635

Sandeep Bhaskar

Co-founder @tripthirsty @ideophone 'Redefining Travel | Journeys' Helped building @suruk, @onetouchsos, @pyka, @kopa_app, @tripthirsty

ID 51450

Shashikiran Reddy

@bridesview Engineering Lead, with more then 10 years of Web Development experience

ID 224647

Pratik Yagnik

Working @zipdial-2 ; Worked @ Zapak ; Studied @ Presidency College , Bangalore

ID 383052

Usha Kandala

Quality Assurance/Project Manager, Managing and working with globally distributed teams; Harvard University - ALM Management & Operations

ID 17297

Shuhaib Shariff

Founder @blackmonk , @doublespring | 10+ Yrs experience in building products | Manage a team of 25 developers (web+mobile) in Bangalore

ID 454396

Shyam Anand

Generalist Software Engineer, has particular interest in start ups and developing scalable software systems

ID 570415

Swarn Prakash

Entrepreneur by heart, Business person by profession & Computer science engineer by education.

ID 177952

Harsha Mv

Entreprenur, Azz Kikr

ID 710698

Richa Khanna

Android Application Developer,Web Development experience in Python,self-learner,love working in start-ups.

ID 201402

Gaurav Gat

VP-Technology at AudioCompass. Past: Founder and CTO at HuntShire- A talent engagement platform for companies to hire the best.

ID 364161

Kamal Kishor Joshi

B tech(Information Technology) from College of Technolgy Pantnagar, Good progammer and problem solver using data structures and algorithms.

ID 729311

Shoaib Khan

Co-founder of @dramatize, Co-founded 3 successful companies, Engineering @birla Institute of Technology and Science 2008.

ID 649745

Fayaz Yusuf Khan

Backend engineer

ID 175908

piyush ranjan

Co Founder Traverik

ID 241774

Mubarak Bijinemula

Founder @awesum • Worked for @thoughtworks, @fab-com & @willowtv

ID 175232

Abhishek Singh

Birla Institute of Tech. Grad. Scaled up games like Farm2, Chefville & Bubble Safari to serve > 60 Million MAU. Migrated games like Poker, Farm to zcloud with < 1 hr of downtime

ID 138531

Swapnil Singh

Hybrid Frontend Developer, Web Developer / Designer ... Dreamer … Geek … Blogger ... Googler ...

ID 159865

Chetan Bansal

Worked at @inria, @the-kairos-society • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 116226

Shashank Shekhar

Co-founder of Antezen. Strong technical background, hands on engineer. Worked at @qualcomm and ST Micro. B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur (EE) and M.E. from @university-of-colorado-boulder, Boulder.

ID 186637

Ch Ray

Co-founder and full stack hacker @ninjaas. Self learner, Passionate Dreamer, Realistic Executor, Optimistic Person.

ID 81972

Mayank Sharma

Director of Engineering at Onze

ID 768772

Paramanantham Harrison

Front end developer (full stack JavaScript developer). Experience in B2B, SaaS, Cloud products.

ID 775635

Nikhil Jaipuria

MBA @harvard-business-school , Product @speakeasy-8 , Program Manager, Developer, Business Manager @microsoft-corporation-1, CS Engineer

ID 18326

Sameer Segal

Founder & CEO @artoo; Recognized by Action For India, Paragon100 & StartingBloc (MIT Sloan) as a top Social Innovator; NITK, Surathkal

ID 91616

Sushant Khurana

Technology Product Manager at Expedia. Curious about start-ups, algorithms, social networks, architecture, analytics, real estate and music.

ID 465757

Pranam Kolari


Worked at @yahoo, @walmart-labs. +$x00M revenue on delivered projects. Principal Scientist/Director of Engineering. Responsible for Product recommendations at Walmart.

ID 29454

Vignesh Rajagopalan

Founder of Everlessons • Previously, Technology Lead at @planmy-travel • Studied at @shanmugha-arts-science-technology-research-academy

ID 185335

Pradeep Kumar

Founder, @paceable • Founded @foodkhoj, final year of college • Worked at @jobaphiles (@dreamit Ventures 2009), sophomore year of college

ID 354671

Rajath Kedilaya

Tech @chumbak, Founder-CEO of @yourcabs. IIT-B graduate. Worked in chip startups at Korea & Europe. Believe mobile will disrupt traditional service sectors.

ID 165787

Tejas Dinkar

Ugh. Something about Ruby. I work at @c42-engineering, the guys behind @codemonk. I've also worked at @thoughtworks

ID 166942

Shashank Narayan

I am Computer Science Major from Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra , Have worked on Search engine , text analysis I'm looking for friend/investor who wants to talk about next $bn idea , if you are the one please PM me at skype (wgpshashank).

ID 9251

Fardeen Rahaman

Network Engineer with a passion for Web 2.0 trends, APIs, disruptive technologies such as SDN & DevOps.

ID 243019

Smit Shah

Engineer at @codemonk

ID 462148

Nilesh Padariya

IIT Bombay CS, Fulll stack generalist; Worked at three e-commerce startups: infibeam, future bazaar, chaupaati

ID 57363

Atif Haider

A programmer, a thinker, an emacs-enthusiast, a swimmer and some times a day dreamer.

ID 432152

Lavanya Tejaswy

Built end to end Rails App for science inc for analytic on marketing campaings. The site is . This helps marketing heads to post specialized urls to Facebook and track user conversions of FB users to their clients.

ID 93276

Sahil Gupta

IIT Ropar Comp. Sci graduate + tech freak + information junkie + Python fan!

ID 170452


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ID 226939

Basil B Thoppil

PHPLAMP expert, Sys admin

ID 239600

Avinash Nishant

Founder Cloudnix Software Labs • Hacker • Programmer • 10 years building & running tech teams at NDS, Openbet, Keane • Management from IIMB and Eng CS from DSCE.

ID 493103

Mark M. Evans

Worked at @cisco, @richards-zeta

ID 108209

Hitesh Mantrala

Founder @askcake • Worked at @capillary-technologies • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science • Worked on Php, Python, RoR, node.js. Can easily pick up any language/framework

ID 78756

Prasanna K

Currently CTO-in-residence @ MS Accelerator; Founder Wignite Software; Core-team Elina Networks; MS UT Dallas; BE CEG. Angel investor (Muziboo, Elina)

ID 37780

Deboprio Ghosh

Founder - Rewango ( Co founder - SustAnalyze ( Advisor - Zaplist (

ID 157526

Anoop Madhusudanan


Inspired. Developer. Angelhack Finalist. Mobility, Wearables, In Mem computing - Blogs at - Tweets at

ID 502644

Sarath S Pillai

Love to be a programmer;Getting paid for doing what i love to do is great

ID 541783

Vishvesh Suriyanarayanan

Worked at a Start up and a large company. Interested in Technology, working on making it a lifestyle

ID 130540

Vrajesh Bhavsar


Mobile Devices & Connected Systems Innovator. Worked at @qualcomm, @apple • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, Gujarat University

ID 203441

Anand Bhat

Linux kernel geek with expert level knowledge on virtualization (storage & server), always on a lookout for product ideas for strtup, Looking for seed funding

ID 453029

Vivekanand(Vivek) Gopalan

Queen's MBA. Entrepreneur. Technology Enthusiast. Founded Warmbluke, worked at Zighra, Computer Associates

ID 81561

Shabeer Ayar

CTO @doublespring Media Pvt Ltd

ID 287707

Ankit Govil

BITS Pilani, Product Wireframing, Backend Engineer

ID 165276

Srushti Ambekallu

Developer. Co-founded @c42-engineering • Worked at @thoughtworks

ID 394524

Saurabh Minni

Generalist, have design and coded from Assembly, C, C++, Java, PHP, Delphi, Android and tried a lot more. Previously worked at @adobe-systems, @intuit

ID 79832

Dharampal H S

Senior Consultant @ MavenHive

ID 337313

Spondon Majumdar

A Natural Language Processing expert who wants to be a part of the challenging team which strives for the better growth of the organization and which explores my potential and provides me with the opportunity to enhance my talent with an intention to be a

ID 401917

Steven Deobald

Probably I should just open a bakery.

ID 84585

Vamshi Krishna Reddy

Front End Consultant, UX Expert, Web & Mobile Application Developer

ID 278988

Vinod CG

UI developer, Game developer, Creative Thinker,

ID 516155

Akshat Verma

Having 6+ months of experience as a Hadoop and Data Science Engineer as a developer in various big data technologies and statistical modelling

ID 43655

Yuvi Panda

Hacker at InterviewStreet. Open Source contributor. Brutal murderer of bad code. Photography enthusiast. College dropout (for now)

ID 547529

Preeth Pandalay

A firm believer of frugal innovation with a quality bent of mind and 14 years of IT industry understanding is how I would describe myself.

ID 340928

Satish Chandra Gupta

Senior Engineer at @microsoft-research, Worked at @ibm @rational-software,

ID 316950

Hardik Shah

Security Researcher interested in utilizing my experience for startups with innovative ideas.

ID 112705

Sudhanshu Saxena

Engineer & Co-Founder at @bondable-2

ID 168364


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ID 95615


CTO, @logistimo. Product and technology development in mobile-web and cloud computing, esp. suited to emerging markets; worked at @yahoo and Xerox Research

ID 143963

Aram Bhusal

Heading Technology & CoFounder at @cloudaria Worked at @kuliza, @mentii. Built  @88-cordials • Studied @indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad

ID 384066

Jayanand Sagar

Founder @karmasnap-1, Tansquare • Worked at @teleca, @verse-innovation • Studied at @vtu

ID 486365

Chetan Deka

Works at @campus-diaries-1 Worked @linkmysport @picletta, @motilo • Studied at @university-of-newcastle-upon-tyne

ID 219213

Ajit Rao

Was Founder CTO @Stringo • Employee #1 at SignalCom (acquired by Microsoft), The Video guy at Texas Instruments • PhD UCSB, BTech IIT Madras

ID 459172

Hisham Cg

Product developer at Rhlvision. Robotics enthusiast. Btech in ECE from NIT Trichy.

ID 464442

varun gupta

IIScian || Computer Vision || Image Processing || Machine Learning Geek

ID 243110

Aninda Kundu

ID 100747

Ralph Vaz

Founder @collatebox, CTO and Founder @ WOLF Platform-as-a-Service.

ID 77571

Suresh Harikrishnan

Founder at @nudgespot. Technologist. Bangalorean.

ID 98908

Darshan Aralakuppe Prakash

Full Stack Mobile/Web App Developer. Working as a Software Engineer at MyShore IT Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. Mysore,

ID 882864

Ritesh Verma

full stack engineer worked on linux and windows

ID 272838


BITS Pilani graduate, UI/UX guy, Javascript addict.

ID 459846

harsh gupta

Big data engineer,worked with parsing of machine generated logs

ID 201555

Ishan Dutta

Worked at @microsoft

ID 162667

Anu Sharma


Geek. Squash enthusiast. Game theory & Poker hobbyist.

ID 217873

Pavan Sudarshan

Solving interesting problems with smart people @mavenhive, Co-Founder @nudgespot • Wrote code @thoughtworks to build world class products

ID 878855

Abhishek Goswami

c++/Python Experiance

ID 664040

Kracekumar Ramaraju

I send random.random() pull request, co-host of Bangalore Python User Group ( Works @recruiterbox

ID 228932

Niranjan Salimath

Founder @haggle • Worked at @thoughtworks, @bmc-software • Studied Computer Science at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 830473

Gomathi Sankar

Founder Mocept • Worked at @sasken-communication-technologies, @hewlett-packard • Studied at @iit-kanpur-1

ID 221462

Arvindkumar Jaganathan

Software engineer, Have worked in a couple of startups including zynga

ID 165847

Kevin Kirona

Founder @My Company

ID 298703

Sumit Kumar

Worked as tech in many startups. Seeking a challenging project/assignment as a technology leadership role. 

ID 430776

Vishwa Krishnakumar

Founder @qbeeko-labs • Worked at @fractal-analytics • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-roorkee

ID 266496

Sudhir Ravindramohan

Accomplished web application developer and architect, agile methods

ID 146133

Ranjeet Vimal

Co-Founder @mebelkart-1, Founder @dreamstarts-in • Worked at @ca-technologies, SEO expert,serial entrepreneur. Studied at @iit-bombay, founder

ID 185161

Sooraj B

Electronics Engineer,Web Developer,Microsoft Certified Professional(Expired), A Linux enthusiast,Android fan.

ID 349566

Safwan Erooth

Founder & CEO at Tridz. Business Management graduate from Bangalore University. Drupal Expert & UI/Ux Designer.

ID 160849

Vivek Chand

Machine Learning Enthusiast, Software Engineer at Recruiterbox. Full Stack Developer, Loves to code in C, C++, Python & Core Java.

ID 301946

Deepak Jadon

Love start up culture

ID 99713


Learning programming. Interested in startups.

ID 395660

Srihari Sriraman

Developer, Musician, Gimper, Peace lover, Sleeper, Blogger:

ID 108040

goutham vel

backend engineer at @nwplyng

ID 141067

Varun Thacker

Engineer @lucidworks. Apache Lucene/Solr contributor. Co-organizing Solr User Group Bangalore. ex @unbxd.

ID 424015

Darshan Patel

PESIT graduate, working at Zynga, PHP + Membase

ID 326566


Usability and quality. Worked with banking clients. Worked in Nordic geographies. Worked at Accenture

ID 393113

Sarvoday Bishnoi

ID 85916

Anenth Guru

Co-founder at @ideophone. M.Tech from IIITB. Interned at @nokia Research. Loves to design and develop intuitive mobile products.

ID 357806

deepak naita

Masters student at BITS PIlani; 7 years of working experience : with Accenture, iviz technosolution and Capgemini.

ID 434504

Asad Raza

B.Tech (CS), Aligarh Muslim University.

ID 205578

Balaraman Lakshmanan

Founder of Crispify. Entrepreneur, Video & Audio codecs development & optimisation, ARM processor programmer, Video editor, Creative blogger.

ID 154902

Sagar Vibhute

Co-founder, muHive. Graduate from IIIT-Bangalore. Technologist by trade, amateur everything else in spare time. Previously worked at IBM.

ID 432459

Anup Cowkur

Just another developer in love with Android and the Web.

ID 331824

Abhishek Kasina

IIT CS, future entrepreneur, developing skills before the brain-wave.

ID 477263

Nithin Kumar

SDE at Qikwell Technologies pvt ltd

ID 588103


working at Tracxn!

ID 381674

Saarthak Gupta

Achieved a target 75% reduction of manual effort by automating processes.

ID 813344

Pankaj Agrawal

Software Developer

ID 86580

Hemanth Hm

Software Engineer at Cisco Systems.

ID 286546

Shashank Singla

Founder RIDS Technology, Founded @yantrr-electronic-systems out of college • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @royal-bank-of-scotland • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi 2010

ID 729286

Sreeraj arakkal

Masters in Computer science, BITS Pilani, working as a python/django developer at Inmobi for over 2 years. Co-Founded a startup in 2009, ran it for about a Year

ID 770161

vinayak cs

I am a web artisan who likes to create awesome things , I intend to dedicate my life for this crusade to earn the scars and battle-tested wisdom.

ID 394839

Mahendra Kariya

In Top 25% in 3 Machine Learning Contests on Kaggle

ID 208761

Utkarsh Singh Rathore

Backend Developer cum Product Ninja • Python and C lover • Rapid prototyping • Storage @netapp • BITS-PIlani Computer Science Graduate.

ID 686202

Kiran Puttur

14+ years of experience in storage, networking, Developer tools, security, people manager hands on coder

ID 118687

Arun Vijayan

VP Technology, AdNear

ID 614338

Mahith Mukundan

Software Development Engineer at Qikwell Technologies India Pvt Ltd

ID 428271

Rajesh Kumar Thiagarajan

ISB MBA, Worked at Goldman Sachs/Bank Of America & BP Tech Teams, Delivered software worth $400Million, worked for 2 cutting edge start ups and founded 1.

ID 364128

Amit Tolani

Hackery ,Environmentalist, Learner, World Traveler, Wannabe food enthusiast ,I excel at bombing job interviews, Linux is passion!

ID 412038

Prateek Agarwal

IITD CS, ISB MBA: Worked at Amazon (SDE) and Microsoft (PM), Co-founded an ecommerce startup, handled end-to-end technology single-handedly.

ID 353914

Parthiban Duraisamy

Java/RoR Web Application Developer

ID 440792

Abhimanyu Dikshit

Founder @vozeal • Worked at @ilabs-part-of-247-inc • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-kharagpur

ID 494982

Vinay D.S

Software Engineer at Happay, B.E in Electronics and communication, Experience in Web/mobile UI/UX Design and Development

ID 329142

Nimish Bhonsale

MS @ USC , Working for silicon valley startup, Intern at SAL Labs Palo Alto USA

ID 466955

Puneet Chopra

9 Years of Expertise on Microsoft Technologies, Worked at @cognizant-technology-solutions, @fiserv • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi, @guru-nanak-college

ID 441133

Anush Kumar

Manager - Sales & Business Development (NAS)I help companies to extend their enterprise systems onto mobile/tablets. Reach me @ [email protected]

ID 593510

Asankhaya Sharma

ID 615857


USC Masters Student, 3 years developer experience with Oracle looking for full time opportunities. Courses on Information Integration, NLP, Machine Learning etc

ID 578508

Peeyush Rai

Seasoned and versatile entrepreneur, technology leader experienced in building Enterprise and Consumer products on cloud and mobile based platforms.

ID 434338

Amrit Jangid

Developer at Zootr, Bangalore , IT graduate from IIIT-Allahabad, Internship at UNBXD

ID 143882

Mayank Kandpal

Full time Hacker, Part time G##K !

ID 9392

Uday Subbarayan

VP Cloud Engineering

ID 487365

Gangadhar Dixit

MBA from Germany with 4 years of prior experience across IT and Financial services

ID 320767

Sanju Thomas

Founder @ghar360

ID 505212

Anurag Kondeya

Working at @streethawk-mobile-marketing-automation,Worked at igate Patni, Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Sasken communications.

ID 577461

Mohit Kuldeep

Founder InkWired • Worked at @intel • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 457500

Ananthesh Adiga

Worked at @unbxd • Studied at @pesit

ID 774276

Shrutesh Sharma

ID 420316

Kaushik Bhat

ID 388175

Rahul Ranjan

Python Hacker | FOSS Evangelist | RMA @mozilla | Previous @CarnegieMellon @blackberry @info Assembly @google | Aspiring Entrepreneur

ID 120644

rohit agarwal

Founder Ikarus Technology • Worked at @limeroad, @yahoo-sdc • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 67242

Manish Shah


innovating @intuit. Co-Founder of @gromor, @ajubaju-com. Worked at Corio, Pixo, Sun Microsystems, Pulse Entertainment.

ID 492773

Snehal Nimje

Founder @engagedino; previously co-founded, (acquired); Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 487520

Balaji Ravi

SOA & Webservices expert with experience in GWT & Native Mobile Application development experience. MBA in Innovation and new product development.

ID 381281

Gagandeep Singh

Building big data applications at Bloomreach, previously at Google. Am looking for people who want to turn vision to reality

ID 659156

Sachin Tewari

Computer Science Engineer, IIT Delhi Business Grad; Mentored 2 Startups; Interned at Citibank

ID 307775

Sumit Kumar

ID 392840

Saikiran Daripelli

Working in various tech companies for 8 years as software engineer

ID 888602

Vijay Kolhe

15 years of product development experience

ID 293939

Satheesh Kumar

Co-founder Time Plus Q Technologies

ID 551822

Praveen Penumaka

Worked at @amazon • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-madras

ID 364185

Yashwanth Kumar

CSE B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur; Worked at IBM, Mentor Graphics; 1st startup during college; Stackoverflow contributor.

ID 812884

Shivank Agarwal

IIT Madras, Developer

ID 518158

Anoop Bhargava

DBIT, Electrical engineer, Owns one website, website developer

ID 673855

Apurv Verma

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Ropar Student Developer, GSoC 2011 Committer, Apache Hama SE, Terracotta 2012-2012 MTS, Bloomreach 2013 - Current

ID 98890

Dhruva Sagar

Technical Developer & Mentor at Artha42 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

ID 682370

Kunal Mehta

Performance Architect @dell, also worked at @fidelity, @srit, Learning new things everyday.

ID 684546

Priyanka Mehta

IIT Computer Science, M.Tech, Software Programmer, Good in Algorithm Design and Analysis, good Analytical and Reasoning skills, fond of Linux OS.

ID 446416

Satyendra K Dwivedi

Techno-Managerial Entrepreneur Professional from IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore with 17 years experience

ID 600543

Ajmal M Sali

Failed with 3 startups, now working as a software engineer.

ID 649844

Debdipto Ghoshal

University of Nottingham MSc.,2+ Years of professional experience, C#, Java, .Net and Networking software developer, experienced in implementing BI applications

ID 506889

Siddarth Jain

UnderGrad at IIT Delhi; Quick Learner. Curious.

ID 561970

Pawan Kamat

MS with 11 years of experience in s/w development, Worked at NI, HP and Snecma Aerospace.

ID 511505

Ram Acharya, PMP

Seasoned IT Professional in the areas of Test Management, Project Management in Agile Methodology

ID 488514

Hemanth Acharya

Signal Processing enthusiast, currently at Qualcomm Research India

ID 263622

Rajkumar Nagarajan

Co-Founder @payd • Studied at @government-college-of-technology-coimbatore

ID 164309


ID 614913

Anand Reddy Pandikunta

Geek, Web Developer & Blogger.

ID 12279

Avinasha Shastry

Current: CTO at @supportbee Past: CTO at 99tests

ID 780201

Suramya Mukesh

Software professional looking for opportunities in search and big data.

ID 160312

Goutham Shankar

Worked at @oracle-corporation, @tata-consulting-services-tcs @kpi-partners

ID 165266

Anil Sharma

Co-founder/CTO @mginger-com • Product Innovation, Management, Architecture. BTech @iit-kanpur

ID 669989


Student looking for a competitive job in the software industry where i could compete with the world.

ID 198837

Pandey Peeyush

Studied at @nit-jalandhar

ID 435008

Mihir Deshpande

Graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, worked at Motorola Mobility.

ID 653232

Shailesh Hegde

Test Automation Engineer with experience in building frameworks for functional and performance testing

ID 617781

Renjith Varma

IIT CS, Full stack programmer, Worked at Microsoft

ID 171112

Vishal Arora

Worked at @oracle-financial-services-software • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 528192

DVS Kiran

Working with Amazon, Masters from IISC,one of the top tier colleges in India

ID 729834

Anurag Gupta

Technology leadership experience at Intel,, Facebook, Yahoo and Paypal

ID 204290

Ashish Gupta

Worked at @deloitte .Strong development skills along with enthusiasm.

ID 734724

Nachiketh Prabhakar

NITK IT, Good knowledge and great interest in machine learning, Ranked 17th in predict the US Crime rate data mining challenge.

ID 598965

Swapnil Jadhav

Interested learning and working in Java, NLP, data science and Information Retrieval-Extraction.

ID 506480

Prajwal Y

Worked at @oracle-corporation, @artoo • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-suratkal

ID 341981

Dr. Awase Khirni Syed

Founder Territorial Prescience Research • Worked at @thomson-reuters • Studied at @university-of-zurich

ID 629299

Wishwas Mohan

Full stack developer / Product Manager with expertise in JavaScript, JQuery, c#-ASP.NET, Eclipse plugins (SWT, JFace, EMF, RCP, RAP) Java, XML, HTML, CSS.

ID 652426

Dilip Kushwaha

Full Stack Developer.

ID 777842

Anuja Kumar

Founder BootSimply Solutions • Worked at @ibm, @hcl-technologies • Also worked as independent consultant • Bachelor Of Engineering, Computer Science

ID 788147

Shivaraj Channagoudar

ID 399641

Arun Gopalakrishnan

Product Developer. Before there was the internet of things I connected things to the internet

ID 198519

Kaushik Gandhi

Full stack developer @ Notiphi and

ID 581078

Piyush Mandovra

Software Developer at LocusPlay

ID 618472

Thejo Swamy Naidu B

@cisco, @IISc, @NITW

ID 328062

Jeril Sebastian

Full stack web developer

ID 531023


Senior Member Technical Staff at Oracle India Pvt Ltd; Having 5+years of industry experience

ID 357812

piyush gururani


Worked at @emo2, @shopsense

ID 581092

Rahul Prasad

Software Engineer @locusplay M.Tech (Mobile Computing Technology)

ID 371574

Vivek Shribatri

IIT Madras CSE, Software Engineer, Worked at Intel

ID 499600

Pranav Prabhakar

Full stack developer. Final year CS undergrad @indian-institute-of-technology-madras.

ID 805866

Abel Jojo

Bsc.CS, Laravel PHP Dev, Developed Cloud app having global clients, Taught 200+ students and completed 8+ projects

ID 421379

Sandeep Kumar

Backend Software Developer for Gupshup

ID 737651

Jignesh Parsana

Back-end engineer

ID 165049

Radhika Kulkarni

Worked at @oracle-corporation • Studied at @shri-bhagwan-mahaveer-jain-college • Starting up a Startup

ID 612567

Gowrav Kosuri

IIT Madras CS, LAunched 2 android apps with a total of 50k+ downloads

ID 494175

Bharath Sirivelu

IITM MTech CS, Working in Adobe

ID 319470

Pranav Singh

Developer at SupportBee

ID 237099

Pathan Salman Khan

Graduate from CSE, IITB. Active programmer in Codeforces, TopCoder and Hackerrank and other platforms.

ID 649224

Madhavan Ayyavu

Lead UX Designer, Creating interactive experiences, An Experienced Developer, Master of Design from IIT Kanpur.

ID 853910

krishna kumar guptta

Software developer at Dell international services, in computer science from IIT Madras, Worked at Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies india

ID 153180

Dawood Sangameshwari

Founder at @mergepay and @two-twenty-software-technologies-pvt-ltd

ID 132707

Anil Kumar

Serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of @smartrx. Co-founder of @pragna and @askme-corp. Passionate about technology and building a business. BS in Comp. Sc.

ID 470607

Abhinav Madhok

Worked at @oracle-2 • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-guwahati, @university-of-auckland

ID 610588

Shekhar Chopra

Leading recruitment professional, studied at IISC - Bangalore, Working with leading recruitment company

ID 411016

Karthik Krishnamoorthy

Created solutions for F500s. Managed engineering team of over 200 people building scalable software solutions.

ID 350409

Madhusudhan Mahale

Around 4 years in Enterprise/consumer Mobility with over 30 scalable Application architecture ,design and development in Native Android and cross platform

ID 287278

Badrinath Kulkarni

Freelancer, Lead @ Google Developer Group, Bangalore [ ] Organizer @ Bangalore Android User Group [ ]

ID 581080

Virendra Baviskar

Software Developer at @GenAuth , Software Developer (Intern) @locusplay • Studied at @devi-ahilya-vishwa-vidyalaya

ID 351007

Abhishek Srivastava

Master student from IIT Madras(India), Worked at Oracle for 3 years, Interested in software design and development

ID 399553

Aaghran Ghosh

Web developer, PHP developer, UI/UX developer, Photographer

ID 518155

Sashi Kumar

1.4 Years Experience in Java and J2EE

ID 203580

Ashish Jha

Worked at @citrix-systems, @vmlogix • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-trichy

ID 206584

Mukesh Gangadhar


Performance architect with focus on optimization software applications for the x86 platform on bare metal, native and cloud; Algorithm/data structure improvements for power and performance. cloud computing and BigData

ID 697789

Arvind Dwarakanath

Strong in Data structures and Algorithms, Worked as Test Automation Engineer at Motorola Mobility,

ID 218816

Chirag Patel

Founder MobiTatva • Entrepreneur, Architect of Agni FinAcc & Creator of “CramBuddy” Studied at @m-s-ramaiah-institute-of-technology-bangalore

ID 157957

Sridhar Sundar Raman

Worked at @logica, @apostek

ID 319731

Piyush Chandak

Founder and CEO-@Rentop

ID 305065

Jiten Thakkar

Google Summer of Code, Mozilla Contributor, IBM Research Intern

ID 771899

Vaibhaw Singh Chandel

ID 724549

Deena Dayalan


ID 510366

Praneeth Bodduluri

CTO at Buffer Labs, Full Stack Generalist, worked with Instrumentation and Embedded Systems on Automobiles, Railways and a Satellite.

ID 479445

Subin Tp

Full stack generist

ID 516662

Ajay Kumar Gupta

IIT Bombay graduate, Worked and led the core search team, Like to stay in the thick of things!

ID 874483

Adithya Nagesh

Operations analyst and Developer in Business Intelligence Software and Systems,with experience in a Technical role and in a Analytical Corporate role

ID 440717

Rajeev Gopalakrishna

Aspiring entrepreneur hoping to make small dents in big problems | Formerly security strategist/architect @intel | PhD CS @LifeAtPurdue @CERIAS

ID 438045

Karan Misra

Founder @erodov • Worked at @thoughtworks, @cgi

ID 871866

Ritu Choudhary

Post graduated from IIT Kanpur.Worked at Mantra Labs.

ID 727217

Karthik kumar N

Aspring ready to work individual, qualified MCA. Seeking a position as an SDE, UI Engg. where my academics and experience gained by various projects add value.

ID 820899

Sudhanshu Singh

Android Application Developer

ID 330854

Harun Pathan

Founder @awesum-in

ID 740064

Rahul Jha

B.Tech. in MME from IIT Kanpur Skills: Java, HTML, CSS (BootStrap), JavaScript (JQuery), Node.js, PHP, C, C++, MySQL, MongoDB. Ph: 8553906109

ID 282896

Swetha Baburao

Passionate about mobile application development and usability engineering. Would like to apply my skills to develop easily Usable mobile applications.

ID 506965

a deb

Gwu cs,worked atOracle engg mgr in current job managing a rails,jquery application

ID 584698

Rishi Singh

Computer Science Graduate from IIT Kanpur

ID 436692

Sagar Koti

Worked @ Pervazive

ID 671421

Abhishek Vasant Patil

About 14 years experience in Telecom, Microsft, Avaya, Lucent, McAfee, Sun Microsystems, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Grid Computing, Unified Communications

ID 590478

Prateek Khatri

Software Developer. Interested in working with India based startups

ID 238959

Gagan Kumar

Grad student @ IIT, Chicago. Exploring the field of Machine Learning, Mastering JavaScript. Aspiring Entrepreneur. Arduino Enthusiast.

ID 356544

Anshuman Bhartia

SAP ABAP Consultant/Developer with additional skills in HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript.

ID 570301

Manjit Saini

Recent engineering graduate, good analytical and communication skills, business as well as technology savvy, organized and detail-oriented

ID 579705

Devendra Chakrawarti

Software Developer @locusplay

ID 79321

Rahul Malik

CEO at Strong engineering background. MS from IIT,Chicago and BTECH from GGSIPU, Delhi. Worked at AMD and Philips.

ID 358250

Arunangshu Bhakta

Co-founder at @flynx . Worked at @kuliza. Graduated from @dhirubhai-ambani-institute-of-information-and-communication-technology

ID 465081

Sumved Shami

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai & Full stack developer, extensively worked on API development, Worked at PayPal

ID 696455

Sylus Anuranjan

Currently working as a Test Automation engineer and have an experience of 7 years. Ranked 5th in Master of Computer Application course-Bangalore University

ID 831102

Sivasangari Balasubramanain

software web engineer -remote jobseeker

ID 231056

Shaishav Kumar

Polyglot programmer, IITB alum, Microsoft Research. Tech roles in diverse business areas - Oil and Gas, Media/Advertising, Healthcare and IT

ID 833222

chandrashekhar patil

Seasoned Test Management Professional in Audio/Video, Multimedia,STB/Digital TV Domain with Business Management acumen.

ID 590548

shweta garg

M.Tech. @IIT Bombay CSE (9.42/10), Research Intern @LIPN, Université Paris 13 France, Application Engineer @Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

ID 707430

Nisseem Nabar

Data scientist and quant enthusiast

ID 239174

Paul Raj

Agile developer, hungry to develop and learn new stuff. Worked on development/deployment/scaling web backend services. Gets paranoid about performance.

ID 521363

Aeshwarya Bhati

Worked at @bookpad-inc • Studied at @indian-institute-of-information-technology-allahabad

ID 873365

Bharath Sekar

MBA from IIMB and B.Tech from NIT. 10 years of experience in Professional services and Telecommunication provisioning applications

ID 810818

lathamani MB

Seeking a responsible and challenging position in software development, that provides opportunities for personal and professional development .

ID 661694

Bhupendra Singh

NIT Trichy graduate, Coder, Problem Solver! Jack of all trade master of few!

ID 383979

upasana gaiwkad

IIT Bombay M.Tech in Computer Science with 15 months experience in software industry searching for a job in the field of machine learning.

ID 489170

Srivatsa Gorur

Senior level IT Professional having more than 15 years of experience in Software Architecture, Development, Product Management, Integration & Project Management

ID 543502

Ashish Agrawal

TAMU CS, research in activity recognition and haptic response systems, ex-Samsung, Webkit development.

ID 326144

Karmveer Sharma

Worked @vizury-interactive-solutions • Studied at @indian-institute-of-science, @amrita-institute-of-technology-science-ettimadai-coimbatore

ID 684271

Shamasis Bhattacharya

Tech architect, strategist and a developer specialising in JavaScript framework development. Architected & developed @fusioncharts data visualisation library.

ID 381286

Hasmukh Parmar

Computer Science, Indian Institute of Science, Member Research Staff, Central Research Laboratory, Bangalore

ID 410239

Naveen Kumar Molleti

Founder • Worked at @bankbazaar-com • Studied at @iit-kharagpur-1

ID 729380

Praval Jha

Drop-out @Northeastern University, Boston 2013; Software Developer, Business Analyst and Business Process Engineer; Worked @amdocs.

ID 828216

Sachin Agrawal

Post graduate from BITS Pilani, Full stack engineer. Worked at VMware, Microsoft, Yahoo!

ID 107550

Mithun Dhali

Senior Software Engineer at @pixfirst.Built an Online Education Fair Platform with British Council and IDP as clients. Worked at @microsoft.

ID 596282

Jay Thakar

~1 year of experience in software development (Flipkart) with Masters Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

ID 527944

Abhishek Krishna

Founder @edlogiq

ID 698590

Nagarjun Kepulu

Software Engineer - 2+ years of experience in Manual & Automation Testing

ID 103531

Gokul Chittaranjan

Research and engineering; Social computing, signal processing, machine learning, and natural language processing.

ID 272410

Imtiyaj Kaji

Expertise in product design, development, production and deployment, General Management, Negotiations, Vendor Management, Delivery. Setting up team.

ID 359356

Karthikeyan NG

Engineer with MBA degree, Senior Software Engineer on Mobile apps development, Can work on any platform/language, Willing to jump in anything interesting

ID 816427

Asim Ahmed

Research specialist in Energy Sector with experience in programming.

ID 289052

Balamurugan V Raman

C++ Programmer. Good analytical skills and technical skills. Worked on all phases of software development.

ID 469511


Software(Data) Engineer at Data Analytics company. Working experience on Text mining, Machine Learning. Skilled in Elastic Search, Coffee Script,Node.js,Python

ID 820519

Arvind Kumar

IIT ROORKEE MCA, Worked on two projects related to chatting & billing software , currently working on compress sensing in big data.

ID 567496

Kavish Gakhar

Customer Requirement Implementation, SAP/ERP Developer

ID 196147

Bala Phani Chand Battu

Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 619409

Vinay Kumar

2.1 years of hands-on experience in full life cycle Java/J2EE Small and Medium Business Application development

ID 554844

G Srinivasan

CoFounder at MobiSir Strong Technical Background and Experience in Product Development

ID 654974

Pranav Agrawal

5 Year Experice in Embedded Development in broadcom communication, idividual contributer, self starter

ID 693144

venkatasatyanarayana kamisetti

DSP engineer, working for Analog Devices.. 4+years of experience.. Bachelors in ECE form NIT warangal.. 

ID 481667

Thiruvambalam Sreenivas

Post Grad in CS, Search Stack Expert, Highly Scalable LAMP stack, M/L enthusiast, Worked at Yahoo and Nokia, Worked in stealth startup, 10+ years of dev experience.

ID 663964

Aditya Purushottam

M.Tech Scholarship from Siemens ,& B.Tech Department topper for a couple of semeseters

ID 770427

Ashwath Biradar

Ashwath A B, MTech, NIT Surathkal, CSE

ID 170625

Shalin Mangar

Committer on Apache Lucene/Solr. Engineer at @lucidworks. Formerly with @aol

ID 118624

Sathish Hariharan

Founded SquarePrism and Jaatakam. 18yrs IT services + Startups. Engineering and Management (IIM Bangalore). Grails/Java Master. Competent Startup CEO

ID 302475

Devan Thakur

ID 547875

Sagar Aiya

Software Developer

ID 874296

Narendra Sabale

ME in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

ID 649700

Labeeb Ibrahim

ID 846238

krishnam Raju D

Competent in C,C++ and Core Java. Very good at Algorithms, Data Structures and Multithreading

ID 715099

Aarthi Sivaram Balaji

ID 504040

Rahul Pal

Mobile development expert, 8 years experience, worked on low level embedded to Application layer solutions.

ID 657973

Anil Kumar

MCA student at IIT Roorkee working in Graduate from BHU in Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

ID 517986

Ajit Satpathy

Founded Bid-a-Hotel. Graduated From NIT Rourkela.

ID 736377

Dhruv Premi

IIT KGP CS , Machine Learning is my favorite area and would like my job to be associated with it.

ID 746873

Siva Reddy Vundela

Software product developer, working now @Informatica-MDM, was part of Oracle service bus development team @Oracle india pvt ltd

ID 61364


in a journey from being software engg to entrepreneur. ~ Cartic

ID 503610

Ratna Kumar

National Institute of Technology Warangal, CS. Worked at SAMSUNG. SDE at Amazon.

ID 504463

Ashutosh Gupta


ID 545348

Deep Sukhwani

Full time software quality assurance engineer at Musikaar Software and a passionate tech learner, die hard fan of open source development.Love to code in Python

ID 434158

Aishraj Dahal

Open Source contributer, Google Summer of Code alumnus

ID 334729

rahul verma

Love to design and code. Developed desktop and mobile clients, enterprise products for Telecom VAS industry.

ID 801410

Hemshankar Sahu

ID 112427

Satyaakam Goswami

I work as independent Tech Consultant , i am looking for projects and ideas where i can involve as CTO or CEO.

ID 614522

Haripriya V

A fresher with a never ending desire to learn and easily adaptable to new technologies

ID 726114

Vicky Sirwani


ID 349156

Arjun Venkatachalam

Founder LatentPilot • Worked at @fab-com, @zs-associates, @amazon • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 739896

Dhiraj kumar

Worked at Samsung Research Institute Bangalore.Made 1 window app selected among the top 5 in college and qualified for Code.Fun.Do

ID 137835

Ayaskant Sahu

Founder @mofans

ID 729321

Vikrant Chaudhary


ID 74882

Vijay Chundury

Principal Engineer at NDS Drive companies new developments in hardware abstraction, cloud computing. Posses strong communication skills and customer facing exp.

ID 835528

Kumar Biplav

B.E student at The National Institute of Engineering,Mysore ,

ID 171218


PSG Tech Grad with over 7 years experience of building enterprise software products. Full Stack generalist. Worked for EMC Corp and on projects for Versata.

ID 135260

Rohit Choudhary

Successful Entrepreneur, NodeJS/Real-time collaboration enthusiast, ex-EA, ex-Inmobi

ID 317095

Rohit Modi

AVP Engineering at IndusDiva, Full stack developer, Strong consumer web product background (Indusdiva, Amazon, Infospace), IIT-BHU

ID 838587

Aravindan E

Software engineer

ID 428521

Yogesh Sherekar

Won first prize in contest in B.E. Was a good team leader in M.Tech and had arranged events

ID 125354

Dhaval Sharma

Mobile and web developer, some management in large product/service orgs

ID 529066

Jagadesh Reddy

2+ Years Experienced Product Developer at Brocade on Cloud Computing, Java, Database( Mongo Database ), Hibernate, Google GWT, Data Structures and Algorithms, Master of engineering from Indian Institute of Science.

ID 861651

Ajjai Chandra

Bachelors in Information Technology, Diploma in embedded systems and real time operating systems, Masters in Information Technology

ID 683676

Adithya Raju Dasari

Good in Cloud computing technologies and looking for software engineer positions as fresher with good programming and Data Structures.

ID 683868

Veerabhadra Kokatanur

QA Enginner, Verisign Bangalore, Internet infrasture, MTech(C.S) -sJce Mysore

ID 594945


ID 558945

Gaurav Rathi

CS graduate from IIT Guwahati, Strong in writing Web APIs, Skilled Software Developer,

ID 546684


MS from BITS with 8 years experience as a developer, worked on front end as well as backend

ID 647320

Bagatheesh Krishnan

software developer with 4 years of experience and strong passion for programming.

ID 631537

arup choudhury

ID 549527

Sarad Mohanan

working at

ID 507653

Sankalp Shukla

MCA student at IIT Roorkee; Full Semester Internship at Samsung R&D Institute,Bangalore;

ID 581264

Prabha Ajay

Softwear Programmer; with 6 months of experience.

ID 187431

Sinduja Ramaraj

Web developer. Worked at @successfactors, @cordys • Studied at @psg-college-of-technology

ID 588084

Ravish Sinha

IIT BHU Metallurgical Engg graduate willing upto take challenge of Robotics

ID 305126

Harshit Jain

Co-founder @dishcoveri, Worked at @oracle-corporation, Contributed to open source under @google-summer-of-code. Coder by heart.

ID 535822

Kadam Jeet Jain

Technology enthusiast, proponent of open source software, full stack generalist, startup guy, IIT Roorkee 2006.

ID 587583

Arnab Guha

Masters in Technology from DA-IICT,Contributor and Developer of Mozilla's Automation System(Mochitest),UI Developer of Trojita(An IMAP e-client)

ID 685681

Adarsh Tiwari

MCA from IITR and 6 months Internship from Symantec

ID 251797

Manjunath Kalburgi

I'm helpful with fundraising (see, viral marketing, and e-commerce (I started and freelance service

ID 450703

Jayesh Lata

Worked at @linkmysport • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 734286

Madan Singhal

IIT Roorkee , 2010 ,+4 Years Experience Software Technologies , currently working in Microsoft

ID 816929

Jamal Khan

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech, Worked on multiple features of Flash, Currently working on Android App of Creative Cloud.

ID 461894

S Sajith

IIT Roorkee 2013 pass out looking for a job in a software startup in Bnagalore working on latest technologies

ID 809478

Nidhi Lashkari

IIT Roorkee; Front End Developer; Also experienced in iOS app development

ID 560885

Nitesh Yadav

Senior Engineer @blue-jeans-network Experienced Product Design & API's Development

ID 435817

Ranganathan Srinivasan

Co-Founder of Utemporis(

ID 535635

Nandkishor Meena

CS Grad From IIT Roorkee 2013, One Year Experience As Software Developer

ID 607203

Pratap Reddy

ID 837736

Anshul Agrawal

Web Generalist, Full Stack Developer interested in Consumer Internet Space

ID 444742

anurag ranjan

6 years exp in system programming, Published 2 research papers

ID 66241

Trivikram Prasad

Educated in India, Nigeria, Dubai, USA. 18 years experience in USA and India in companies like @intel and @intuit and also a couple of start-ups.

ID 544253

Manuj Batra ECE from IIT Roorke, Software [email protected]

ID 648128

Sreenivasulu Saya

IIT Kanpur CS, Worked in three startups, hands-on programmer and techno-manager.

ID 758736

Ragesh Mishra

iit roorkee 2012 passout,1 year experience,worked in Samsung Research India,interested in opportunities in java and android

ID 537090

Shravan Reddy

Penchant for scalable distributed systems, designing, architecting and implementing them over Java/Php. MS in CS from IIT Kharagpur, Inmobi (MIT 50 disruptive)

ID 799806

Anil Kumar

IIT KGP CS,Fresher;Highly interested in working in startups.

ID 210456

Nitin Nain

Over 8 yrs of experience in Python/Php/C++ development and MBA from SDA Bocconi Milan.

ID 477227

Adarsh Nb

Web Developer,Coding Enthusiastic,BITS Pilani graduate

ID 686149

Arunabh Thakur

MBA in Operations and Finance from MDI gurgaon, Intern at Deloitte Aers, Worked in Wipro (Warehouse Management system)

ID 511509

Sai Rahul Reddy

IIT CS, Experience in building entire stack. Written an app that is being used by millions of users. Started a startup in India.

ID 392457

Mehtab Singh Mann

Tech Evangelist and Coder by heart.

ID 852059

Lalit Yadav

B. Tech + M.Tech, Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur. Software Development - Research at Sigmoid Analyst. Big Data Technology Enthusiast.

ID 551027

Parijat Bandyopadhyay

BITS Pilani CS , Awarded 2 NetApp Intellectual Right awards, Senior Fullstack Engineer in Disney Social - mobile game for iOS and Android , led the Backend.

ID 708662

Yogesh Kumar Jha

BITS Pilani graduate, Data Engineer, BigData / Distributed systems specialist, worked at two fast paced highly successful startups and built awesome products,

ID 486336

Rakshith Mahadevaiah

IIT Kharagpur MTech CS, interested to work in a startup, try to learn by working

ID 382868

Adithya Maila

Won Hack U of Yahoo and competitions, Working in Storage Development team of NetApp, Completed Masters at Indian Institute of Tech, Kharagpur

ID 448386

Himangshu Hazarika

Founder & • Worked at @bankbazaar-com, @ivy-comptech-partygaming • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-kharagpur

ID 652637

J Ramesh

IIT Kharagpur, Chief Architect Stylechat,

ID 760868

Satish Reddy

ID 672813

Abhishek Kumar

engineer|hacker -aspiring to become- artist|entrepreneur

ID 356645

Sandesh Sharma

ID 655031

Abhisek Prasad

IIT Kharagpur CS 2011; Software Developer Generalist. Developed games for Disney and software for Oracle.

ID 362098

Chirag Jain

Worked at Lexity which got acquired by Yahoo! Contributed majorily for the frontend and backend development work at the startup. Transferrable H1B visa holder.

ID 215284

Satyadeep Karnati

Founder @addodoc

ID 671385

Prasad Chaudhari

Working on Supply chain management software and dealing with customer related issue for warehouse management software

ID 432832

Kamlesh Bisht

Founder Scoprire Infotech Private Limited

ID 744856

Sam J

Avid learner, looking for new challenges and opportunities. Graduated from BITS, Pilani

ID 108175

Nomchin Banga

BITS, Pilani CS. Intern at OptumSoft Research. Graduating in June 2014. Placed at GroupOn.

ID 772442

Divya Darshini B

Java, Networking, Wireless

ID 655853

Atul Agrawal

Interned at Google summer of Code.Highly enthusiastic to make a difference

ID 610390

Nitin Arvind

Android Apps, Mobile Application developer, Unix, Debugging, DDMS

ID 469757

Ravi Chandra Anagani

BITS - Pilani, B.E in CS, Worked at Oracle 1.5 years,

ID 247653

Shankar Ram A

Tech lead @Edaqua*Partime Freelancer*Worked @hachi • B.Tech @national-institute-of-technology-trichy • Innovation award winner @cisco

ID 718932

Shashwat Kumar

Full stack web developer | experienced in developing rich dynamic single page applications

ID 363076

Kartheek Muthyala

Hackathon winner at NetApp for two consecutive years, Filed 4 patents in distributed storage systems

ID 583021

Akshay Dewan

Software Architect at BlobCity. 4 years experience working with startups. Worked on WebApps, Mobile, ERP, CRM platforms. CS grad from Mumbai University.

ID 784860

Jewels Sasidharan

Web Developer

ID 770280

Srinidi A

ID 607093


BITS Pilani CS, Yahoo, Own content processing systems for Yahoo weather, Yahoo videos, Yahoo Media. Developed common API infrastructure for Yahoo Media

ID 850676

Rizwan Parveen

Presales, Business Analyst/Consulting, product Management role; having 1 year and 11 months of experience, M.Tech, B.Tech (Computer Science) from BITS Pilani

ID 168018

Sandeep Chaganti

Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 817359

Srikanth Kantamaneni

Working at Oracle India; looking forward to work at startups

ID 743788

Bapiraju Muthyala

ID 350787

Pankaj Bhageria

RubyConf ,JSFoo speaker, Tech lead, Web developer, ROR, Nodejs. Hungry to learn new technologies, open to work on any technology, looking for challenging work.

ID 405421

Viresh Sanagoudar

ID 611713

Ankit Vani

Programmer | Enthusiastic about learning as much as possible – with a focus on Algorithms, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision

ID 818562

Abhinav Sharma

IIT BHU Graduate looking for Software Development Jobs at the beginner level

ID 521436

Pratik Khade

Kernel Engineer, Systems engineer, pioneered host software for LTE, Lead multilocation integration camps, Participated in Product task force

ID 323077

Plaban Nayak

Full Stack Engineer

ID 383776

Aadarsh Gupta

Indian Gentleman. IT Geek. Analyst. Loves Photography. Weird Philosopher. A Human at Heart.

ID 872151

biswanath chinta

ID 881899

Sahil Makhija

ID 810831

Athul D

Java Developer working in Riseon Technologies Pvt Ltd.

ID 816662

Nagaraj Tantri

Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience in developing web and desktop applications.

ID 247019

Sanjay Mysoremutt

Developer with over 15 years of intensive development experience in conceptualizing, architecting, designing and developing in Java, Grails, .Javascript, C# & .NET

ID 655851

Shamil Sagar

Highly motivated intelligent systems student with credible experience in implementing robust algorithms. I am seeking a career in IT industry.

ID 289786

Abhijeet Gupta

Tech Director & Founder 15+ yrs of exp in s/w product dev in Enterprise data, integration, Master Data mangt, real time data analytics. Graduated from IIT BHU.

ID 646496

Neel Kamal

BIT Mesra, Launched Android app for startup

ID 850591

Edwin Rajadurai

10+ Years of Playing around in AV Control Systems, Windows Apps, Linux Server Management, HTML5 Based Web/Mobile Apps development & iOS Mobile App development

ID 656646

Alok Nigam

IIM Indore, Launched Mahindra Comviva's first D2C product - a mobile commerce app

ID 714223

Naman Sharan

ID 581850

Akash Mukherjee

Software Developer @amazon Social. Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology(Class of 2012).

ID 835360

Aditya Sahay

ID 449568

Ankit Bhatnagar

An insatiably curious CS grad, FLOSS buff and crazy in love with code. Past Intern at Google, Newgen & Flickcraft, now Lead Product Engineer at Thinkplaces.

ID 615305

Bhuvan Arora

Founder Joyage. @hero-motocorp-limited. @nsit Delhi

ID 76528

Krishna Bhagavan

Founder & CEO of @tagzuna • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted • Studied at @anna-university

ID 524358

Amit Agarwal

Senior software engineer in a US based startup which work in area of big data anaylytics. Completed graduation from one of the topmost engineering college of india.

ID 597394

Abhijeet Patil

Mtech fresher from MIT, Manipal-2014 in the stream of Software Engineering

ID 122229

rahul jain

ID 680029

Rahul Nishant

Looking to work for an exciting start up. Have completed my Post Grad from IIT Delhi and interested in Machine learning & Distributed Systems

ID 451618

Pranaya Behera

Software engineer @zivame

ID 739661

Uttam Sarkar

M.Tech (System Analysis and Computer Applications), NITK Surathkal, B.Tech (Computer Science), NIT Silchar. Internship at EMC^2 Bangalore.

ID 171998

Sandeep Singh

Undergrad at IIIT Allahabad, Apache Spark, Scala.js Committer

ID 799359

snehanshu ranjan


ID 847740

Adarsha Das

Microsoft 2014 Windows phone App development finalist

ID 288105

Vidit Sinha

B.Tech (CS) @ IIT - BHU. Enjoying action @ BlueJeans. Java Programmer / XAP. Loves UX, Music, Interaction. Interested in Big Data / Server-side stuff.

ID 507547

Vipul Vikram

Btech from IIT(BHU) , Currenty working as a lead developer in Big data projects.

ID 236025

Neha Tekriwal

Tech and startup enthusiast currently residing in Bangalore. Strong concepts, meaningful experience and zeal are certain qualities that describe me.

ID 746960

Prashant Bhutani

Thinker, Hacker, Startup enthusiast, CS Grad from IIT - BHU, Opensource supporter, Software Technology Developer, Worked @ Citrix, Kiwi; Android Developer

ID 630459

Karan Jain

Expertise in Software Development & Testing, Business Intelligence Systems, Customer Focus and Driving product releases.

ID 491413

Jyothendra Varma student from IIT(BHU) in Electronics Enginnering. I am Software developer

ID 500828

Shridhar Dhaiphule

Accomplished and goal-oriented Startup guy with expertise in Software Development, Hardware-Software Architecture with Industry experience 14+ Years

ID 762237

Sunil Moris

Mobile – Web Applications, web development, landing pages design using AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Jquery Jquery, Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

ID 81801

Tejas Vyas

3 startups. Full stack developer.

ID 710974

Sriharsha Chillara

Full stack Python Dev with interest in automation around infrastructure.

ID 806824

Roopak A N

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills.

ID 86551

Anand Hegde

Software Engineer at Akamai Technologies, Studied B.Tech (Computer Science) at NITK, Surathkal.

ID 235264

Krishnamoorthy Jeyaraman

Founder Cropz • Worked at @peoplesoft, @hcl-technologies. 12 years exp developing enterprise systems. 4 years in architect role.

ID 373083

Shantanu Kar

The Greatest pleasure in the Worrld is to do something what people say you can't do

ID 321801

Anil Bhat

Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-suratkal

ID 483204

Rwik Mukhopadhyay

C++/qt developer by profession,Leading / developing mesh generation products. Worked as an freelance web developer . Interested in product based startups.

ID 700181

Rishabh Gupta

ID 231691

Ashish Mishra

BS CS, Research Fellow IIT Bombay, worked for startup in network security, working at McAfee.

ID 744933

Sajan Kedia

Computer Science IIT Graduate, Currently working in IBM Research as Software Engineer looking for a change

ID 689950

Sushma Vedula

Base Sas certified , Efficient with creating datasets, analysing the data and creating reports, merging two or more datasets and generating pdf/ excel/ html ODS

ID 598839

Vinoth kumar Asaithambi

A Genuine Full Stack Developer with entrepreneurial spirit, specialized in back-end development based in JAVA.

ID 624939

Pavan Kumar N

Studied @national Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Worked at @cdac , @talentica-software-i-pvt-ltd . Currently working at @codeland .

ID 692978

Anwit Roy

IISC MTech, Jadavpur BTech, Working in CISCO for last two years in Unified computing server.Experience in data analytics.

ID 660493

Asmit Dutta

Software Engineer at Citigroup with 2 years Experience, NITK Surathkal Btech

ID 597810

Nikhil Venkat Sonti

Co-founder of Shadowfax Apps, Bachelors degree in Computer Science from NITK (one of the top 10 colleges in India), Launcher around 20+ apps in Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry platforms.

ID 516286

Pratik Gupta

Works @vmware • Studied @coep Interested in learning and working on Big Data analytics

ID 863691

Sudheer Nalubolu

E-Payments Enthusiast and Business Technology Integration Specialist with 8 years of financial services experience with USAA, Liberty Mutual (as TCS Employee)

ID 205731

Saad Bin Akhlaq

Full stack generalist, worked at two different start ups, Plivo (YC batch 2011), Learning outcomes Pvt. Ltd.

ID 502808

Avinash H

Worked at @adobe-systems, @sony • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-suratkal

ID 847858

Irfan Raza

Have developed 8-10 android app being freelancer. Good exposure to server side Api development and android app development

ID 128696

Sharath Satish

Experienced Software Project Leader with B2B product delivery experience and depth of technical expertise in Web application development.

ID 198106


Have built strong communities; Co-author of Trelby; Python geek; Filmmaker.

ID 693112

Karunakar K H

Big Data Architect, Worked extensively in Hadoop/Hive/Amazon EMR Cloud/ HBase/ Sqoop/ Java/ J2EE/ Spring/ Hibernate/ Struts/ SQL/PL-SQL/Web Services/REST/NoSQL

ID 688072

Surendra Meena

Software Engineer Internship

ID 202983

Naveen Kumar Jain

An web developer, front-end developer and backend ninja. An enthusiast of continuous integration, test first, and agile environments.Worked at @citrix-systems

ID 317298

Rahul Guha, CSM, PMP, Mobility Architect

Launched and built Testing Services company. Built Tablet based Healthcare Application. Worked in Intel, Microsoft and ANZ Bank - as Technolgy Architect.

ID 256950

Ramya M

B.E(CSE) Fresher from VTU, 2012

ID 630704

Subbareddy Palukuru

ID 571085

Arun S Devarajan

7+ years as Engineer at Large and small companies/startups; Mobile + Web developer; 2+ years of driving cross-functional product development.

ID 501841

Niket Kumar

Freelancer: Data Engineer, Software Design and Architecture. Worked at Yahoo, NetApp, Thoughtworks etc

ID 817764

Himanshu Tandon

ID 483522

Mandeep Sandhu

C/C++, Java application developer & full stack (client side) engineer with good understanding of kernel and userspace concepts in the video and network domain

ID 782484

Bhagavathi S P Jogaiah

Worked at IBM

ID 714083

Anurag Kanungo

Google Summer of Code

ID 447222

Srinath G S

Open Source enthusiast, polyglot programmer with server side development experience(MVC) and server configuration experience Deployed application on AWS

ID 678990

Mufaddal Jamal

CS Graduate, Problem solver, Fast Learner, Startup minded, Full Stack developer

ID 200053

SubbaRao G

Worked at @parakh-technologies • Studied at @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science

ID 311287

Mandar Chandorkar

I.I.T Mech. Ind Engg, Data Analyst, Sunday Mathematician

ID 272369

Ashlesha Nalgirkar

ID 809030

Sharmi Merin George G

MCA, NIT Trichy 2014 Passout

ID 670719

Shikha Gupta

Worked at Samsung R & D Institute India -Bangalore

ID 293309

Krishna Kamal Palakaluri

Polygot, Marketing, Sales, Worked at 4 startups and RSA Security

ID 634471

Raghotham S

Associate Software Engineer at SAP Labs India; Masters at BITS Pilani; Android dev; Python Dev; Java Dev; Web dev

ID 450838

Neetu Kumari

National Institute of Technology, Raipur, Done a Research project under guidance of NIT Raipur Professor, Web Development Intern at Sopra Group India, Represented NIT Raipur at ACM- ICPC Amritapuri Regionals.

ID 662524

Pranjal Kumar

Oracle Server Technology Group, 1.8 years experienced

ID 192661

Prashannth Vijayakumar

Co-Founder Shout - Idea Labs, @ibm-india-pvt-ltd Drop-out, ECE Grad from College of Engineering, Guindy @anna-university

ID 229605

Boopathi Rajaa

Worked at @directi • Studied at @national-institute-of-technology-trichy

ID 736528

Lalit Indoria

Software engineer who can build things fast. Picks up new technologies very quickly - hardcore programmer.

ID 739333

Onkar Bellamkonda

Ruby On Rails Developer

ID 494979

Ahmad Sayeed

Consulting Technical Project Manager at OFSS.

ID 515969

Yuvaraj Tana

Studied at @jntu-college-of-engineering-hyderabad

ID 586355

Ajay Prabhakar

Co-Founder @ The Score Magazine • Chief Engineer @

ID 562514

Marpina Bhargava

IIT Guwahati CSE, M.Tech 2013. Interested in Machine Learning & related areas. Working with Oracle Server Technologies.

ID 331198

Akram Waseem

Python/ Django Developer

ID 594208

Santy San

Fresher dba

ID 676069

Gireesh Pujari

Looking for startup in Bangalore

ID 752463

Vignesh Balagopalakrishnan

Computer Science enthusiast, generalist, have quite some generalist experience, looking for exciting bussiness-facing opportunities

ID 788473

Khaleel R

C# .Net developer. Worked at Bally Technologies. From MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

ID 687985

Parul Gupta

IIITB M.Tech. , interested in Android development

ID 702193

Reetesh Ranjan

IIT Guwahati CSE; Worked at Yahoo; Full-Stack Developer; Conceived a product and did UX, UI, System Architecture, Backend all single-handedly

ID 536710

Durga Prasad

IITG CS, Worked at Directi. Launched two android games.

ID 461810

Bhoopendra Kumar (Bhuppi Singh)

M.Tech from IIT Guwahati in CSE, Working at Hewlett-Packard as Software Developer

ID 832247

Elango Ramaraj

Launched an App on Google Play (APPCLIP - Smart Launcher) Visit:

ID 876451

Chandrakanth Boorla

Seeking a challenging career in an esteemed organization where my software and analytical skills could be recognized, developed and applied

ID 828004

Kurian Just

Want to relocate to cochin :) :)

ID 150025

Mohammed Ameen

Full Stack Generalist, UX Engineer

ID 590332

Ravi Kumar

NLP / Algorithm Developer / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

ID 379699

Prakash P

Software Engineer, Open source enthusiast, Expertise in C++, HTML, CSS and in Jquery. Interested in startups

ID 734379

Rajkumar Raigonde

I completed from SIT Tumkur, in CSE. I like to work in challenging environment.

ID 854282

Neethu Thankachan

Fresher Willing to work Full Time on something innovative.

ID 705010

Rajesh Raj

Launched 3 websites till now and published a paper at IEEE international conference on HADOOP BIG DATA
http://coming soon

ID 724729

anurag tiwary

fresher 2014 passout actively searching for the job in software field

ID 597944


Sofware Development Engineer at @dell-india-reasearch-and-development • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-guwahati

ID 888383

Sai Kiran Marripati

Graduated at Anna University, would love to be a part of team and work on developing rich web Apps

ID 497722

Gowrav Shekar

Full Stack Web Developer, CTO & Co-Founder @ Maandate

ID 444229

Prachi Sharma

Graduated from IIITA, Currently working in Synup as an software developer.

ID 823689

Sahukari Ganesh

IIT Guwahati CSE, 2 years of experience at Cisco

ID 520006

Vignesh Natrajan

Working at Cisco. I am passionate about Robotics and Sensor Network.

ID 606726

sweta priyadarshni

Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati · Master of Technology CSE 2012 ...JAVA enthusiast

ID 534421

Praburaam Jayaraman

ID 816551

Vinoth K S

Java and Liferay Developer lunched many portlet for crm useage completed three major projects in crm

ID 393665


Software Engineer

ID 679834

Kishore Kumar Sankar

Completed BE in computer science and have 1 experience in software engineering

ID 512637


ppl call me an engineer!! nvm..i pretend to b!!!:D instagram id: vickythegme

ID 571818

Aishwarya Balasubramanian

Software Engineer; 3 years of experience in development and maintenance of automation Products/Tools(Language migration). technologies :C, Java, Android, Unix.

ID 646567

Sandeep Sashi

F2014 resher

ID 456060

Srinivasan V

3.6 years of professional experience in C++, Java. Published 4 apps in google play store. Quick learner

ID 618178

Sita Thirupathi

HP-UX Drivers testing(Emulex,Broadcom and Intel), EFI FW testing and APA software product. Good test engineer.

ID 663017

Md Sajid Ansari

completed 5 projects in php and dotnet both, 3+ experience in web development.

ID 474491

Mohnish Mallya

Frontend developer

ID 477276

anuganti gowtham

Studied at @anna-university

ID 537315

Suresh Kumar

Full Stack Developer, Solid 6Yrs Experience in Open Source

ID 753252

Rajesh Kumar

Masters in Telecom, Good in Debugging and Client Server Technologies, interest in Image Processing and Automation, experienced in Telecom and Printer Drivers.

ID 336507

Nsv Senthil Kumar

NSV Senthilkumar RF Network Transmission & Planning Engineer worked at Vodafone

ID 620730

sethu vignesh

Sr.Android application developer with 4+ years of experience

ID 672357

RK Nallaperumal

Young software Engineer from a Tier II city, with a will to make a mark in the field of Information technology

ID 672641

Dileep kumar.Charukula

ID 182981

Dikchant Sahi

Founder Meeterr | Consultant OnMobile | Worked @ Infosys | Masters in CS from CEG, Anna University

ID 498370

Sebin Jose

Software Engineer , HCL Technologies , Work experience in development and support and Big Data technology Hadoop and its major Echo-systems

ID 751392

Dhiraj Ray

created a J2EE framework which supports multitenancy,multidatabase support,Internationalisation.Currently working on Laboratory Information Management System.

ID 746794

Shreyas V

MSc Student from University of Leicester(Advanced Computer Science).Worked in Accenture India for a period of one year and was trained in java in Accenture.

ID 714111

Nagarjun G

MTech Computer Science graduate from Manipal Institute Of Technology with 1 year experience in STMicroelectronics Pvt Ltd passionate to work with startup.

ID 668955

yeshwanth reddy

M.Tech in Manipal Of Technology, Intern at Verisign Inc, Worked on Data Analytics

ID 482100

Madan Ram

Planning, developing, debugging and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

ID 490427

Kishor Vyavahare

Completed 1 year internship in IBM, M.Tech in Computer from Manipal University and B.E. from Pune University.

ID 210410

Vamsee Madavarapu

Product Management and Marketing Professional with about 16 years of technology industry experience in leadership and management roles with a startup mindset

ID 612801

Himanshu Justa

Currently working as SE in Mobility Division of Accenture, successfully worked in developing an iPad app using Appcelerator cross platform technology

ID 368780

Hiemanshu Sharma

Opensource Contributor. Tech Evangelist. College dropout. Code Geek.

ID 696606

Pravin Kottawar

MTech IT NIT Surathkal, Working at oracle. Quick Learner and ability to work across multiple domains and teams.

ID 712134

Devendra Kumar

NIT Allahabad MTech, Software Engineer at Gaboli, 2 Years exp in PHP web development

ID 850405

anshul mohil

BTech in Computer Science, Strong programming background worked at WIPRO and Innominds hyderabad.

ID 246454

Muthu Subramanian

Anything to do with code and Computer Science. And did I mention I have an MBA?

ID 674031

mano bharathi

Full stack developer launched one basic social network

ID 846869

Arpit Srivastava

Full Stack Developer

ID 795455

Vishan Seru

BE CS, Bangalore , Android Developer, Launched 1, Built 2 Apps. Competent in C/C++, Java as well. Hoping to become a Game Developer.

ID 387417

Shantanu Kumar

Husband, Programmer/Generalist, Open Source enthusiast. Loves music, adventure and Functional Programming. Java, Clojure, Databases, Distributed Systems

ID 195390

Abhishek Srivastava

Worked at @tcs

ID 596438

Pradeep Kumar Singh

Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 360128

venkatesh cl

i am learning a tool called 'Alfresco' it cms

ID 791692

Rakesh GN

Looking for job in development or testing

ID 505372


Masters in Telecom

ID 126518

Anish Bhatia

Founder @chattly • Worked at @laurus-infosystems, @national-institute-of-electronics-and-information-technology-india • Studied at @christ-university-bangalore

ID 577484

nithin singamsetti

Masters Student from IIIT Hyderabad

ID 887538

Pallavi Jindal

intern at NIC

ID 587633

Ravi Ranjan

Looking for a full time job in IT Field

ID 442195

Darshan T G


ID 192180

Abhinav Koppula

Founder @navikaran • Worked at @google-summer-of-code, @internshala • Studied at @rashtreeya-vidyalaya-college-of-engineering

ID 797190

Kislay Verma

Java full stack developer with 7+ years of experience

ID 498874

Arpan Mukherjee

Full Stack, Storage Virtualization, Map reduce, Big Data Analytics, Google Technologies, Java, Web, Scrum, Quick prototyping, Hit market faster, market learning

ID 537767

Seetharamakrishna M

IIIT Hyderabad Graduate, Specialist in Recommendation Systems for Ecommerce. Own the recommendation engine used in Yahoo Travel and Yahoo Homes

ID 822942

Sharath Devaraju


ID 770050

Khushboo Sangal

B.Tech in ECE from IIIT Allahabad,CGPI 9.4,Looking forward to work in a competitive environment. Have knowledge of C,C++,Perl,HTML,JavaScript,SQL

ID 596548

Giridhar K N

Mtech Post grad.Intern at VeriSign, Passion for computers.

ID 842062

Sairamkrishna Mammahe

Worked with Middlesex University while developing Android attendance management system

ID 820756

Sunil HV

Strong Java and SQL Programming background. Worked at SAP. Interested in neural networks, big data, high performance applications

ID 614222

Anurag Peshne

Recent Graduate, Made some hobby projects in JavaScript, Python

ID 419652

Abhishek Buragadda

good at problem solving and programming

ID 532083

Saurabh Mathur

NIT graduate with Production and Industrial Engineering, Software Developer with Sony Pictures with Strong Business Understanding with experience in Treasury

ID 194193

Bilal Budhani

Founder @adshub • Worked at @embibe , @supportbee , @recommend-ly, @valuepitch • Studied at @burhani-college-of-commerce-arts

ID 847218

Vishal Gangwar

BTECH student of IIIT ALLAHABAD Stream: Information technology Got Job offer at TCS

ID 315441

Vipin Gupta

Worked at @justeat • Studied at @international-institute-of-information-technology

ID 771858

Pratik Jain

PHP, Javascript, Java

ID 797192

Deepthi Singh

IIIT Hyderabad CS, Worked at Adobe, Yahoo Labs. Experience in Machine Learning, hadoop and making Desktop software.

ID 169330

Sanket Saurav

Co-founder of CampusHash; Studied CSE at NIT Jamshedpur;

ID 68429

Bhoomit Vasani

Full-Stack engineer @ Mygola Technologies, iOS, Javascript, Python, PHP, HTML5/CSS3, BackboneJS

ID 512623

Birajendu Prasanna Sahu

IOS,Android and OSX app developer.Building Android ,IOS and OS X app for Netskope platform. Exploring opportunities in mobile, cloud and network security.

ID 850810

Sujay Subrahmanya

Developed websites and Standalone Applications

ID 299839

Sarath Chandra


Student at MIT, Manipal CS; Good at Hadoop, Java, C ; Intern at VeriSign Inc; enthusiastic

ID 391490

Prakriti Singh

Ruby on Rails full stack developer and Quality Analyst, capable of building webapps with quality code and also an expert at automation and Agile.

ID 473693

Sridutt Nayak

Software Engineer, Interested in Green Tech, Worked at GE, Siemens, Bosch and Alcatel

ID 687174

Satya Prakash

Persuing M.Tech from IIIT Bangalore

ID 447361

Sudheera N

ID 583005

Siddartha Sekhar Padhi

iMTech Student at IIIT-Bangalore, Web Designer, launched a Virtual stock exchange portal.

ID 559124


9+ years of leading application testing for large scale implementations across globally located, cross-cultural teams.Engineering Postgraduate.IIIT-Bangalore

ID 745232

Surabhi Singh

Looking for Internship / Full time opportunities in the field of Software Development

ID 132439

Mayank Kohaley

Developer @nudgespot ; Worked @cerner ;

ID 743467

Ashutosh Srivastava

Vice President at J. P. Morgan; Architect and Development Manager for building financial models.

ID 844388

Rupendra Thakur

SAP HANA modeling and implementation consultant under sap start up focus program

ID 583524

Anand V M

Software Engineer @homeshop18 | Worked at @fico-fair-isaac-corporation , @eka-software-solutions | Studied at @sjce-mysore

ID 98502

Pavithra Kodmad

Worked at @janacare, @successfactors, @pi-corporation • Studied at @sjce-mysore

ID 864003

Priyanka Yadav

VCP 5.0. ceritied from VMware Inc.

ID 679309

Abhi Nandan

BE grad in CS with 1.9 years of experience.

ID 852779

Aishwarya pratap Singh

ID 848551

kapil powar

Java Developer With 1.5 years experience having M.Tech

ID 598843

Siddharth Bhardwaj

B.Tech. Student at IIIT-Allahabad, Intern at Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore, Works as a part-time freelancer also, interested in working for a start-up.

ID 647274

Karan Singh

Manual & automation testing, Certified Professional Scrum Master, 7 year exp, worked with IBM, Google, Fidelity, Prowareness in agile teams

ID 315199

Pardeep Ghuman

Worked at @university-of-southampton-1, @southampton-solent-university-1 • Studied at @bournemouth-university

ID 651065

shivam rai graduate from NIT designer in various projects,sufficient knowledge of C,C++,MySQL,internships in manufacturing and marketing field.

ID 679052

Pushpendra Singh


ID 526189

sahil sharma

Manipal Institute of Technology,Computer Science, Passionate and quick learner.

ID 835177

Bhanu Prakash Mallya

Software Engineer

ID 626628

Sharath Akinapally

IIITH CS, Looking for Job in Bangalore, Strong in Algorithms and Datastructures

ID 781716

Nikita Ramteke

Fresher Graduate (B.E) in Information Technology from MIT

ID 725018

Nilesh Mishra

BTech NIT Allahabad, working on new platform Tizen OS at Samsung R&D Bangalore

ID 745011

Sagar KV

VTU Info Science, Co-Founded a Travel start up and have worked with few Travel Startup, Worked at Cisco as a QAE. Love Travelling

ID 342849

Arijit Mukherjee

Founder and CEO of Carrots. Strong product conceptualization and realization background. Helped define and develop new products for MNCs and startups.

ID 694640

Mahesh R

Programmer bitten by the Creativity Bug

ID 721229

Sayan Sinha Ray

Hoping to make lives simpler by working as a full stack developer in a flexible and opinionated environment.

ID 497761

Sanjit Vimal

7.5+ years exp, BE (EEE)NIT/REC, Development, Oracle PL/SQL,Stored procedure, Package, Trigger, View, Function,JAVA, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Flexcube, Core Banking

ID 725667

Chitradeep Ghosh

I am looking for a start up , where i can utilize my managerial and technical skills , which provides me an oprtunity to gain experience and knowledge.

ID 715154

Abhinay Bagaria

CS graduate, Experience in Product management, Business Dev,Marketing,Operations.Launched mobile app which has 150,000+ downloads. Built crawlers using Python.

ID 282273

Gautam Kotian


ID 798974

Bharath Kumar


ID 876481


Fresher from National Institute of Technology (NIT) India, looking for Challenging software Environment to Work.

ID 382401

Abhinav Sharma

M.Tech in C.S.E From MIT,Manipal,Cleared GATE with 89 percentile marks

ID 683991

Arun Deep

Post Grad from Manipal, Intern at SIEMENS, Knowledge in android and java development, Interested in Software and Mobile development.

ID 767422

Arjun Basu

UI and backend web developer

ID 722293

Mithun S Varma

Control systems engineer, working as research associate since Dec'13

ID 305078

Rushil Saraogi

Manipal University Grad, Computer Science Engineer, SAP consultant at Deloitte looking to get start-up experience.

ID 378600

Ravi Kishore Dodda

Working for CloudInfra as Software Developer, Also M-Tech Computer Science and Information Security from MIT-Manipal

ID 671657

pavan raj

pavanraj,network enginner at speed network servce

ID 614326

Mohan Burli

Successfully Managed and Delivered large programs for Fortune 100 retailers. Worked at Walmart India. Passion for technologies/frameworks/tools.

ID 695550

Abhishek Maji

B.Tech, Information Technology Student at NIT Durgapur, Graduate 2014, Strong developer background

ID 619482

Nissan Modi

Looking for challenging career options that would enhance my skills as a developer

ID 521732

Abhinav Choudhury

BITS Pilani CS grad, strongly interested in Data Science and Systems

ID 560064

Vikas Naidu

Software Developer (Ruby On Rails) with 8 months of experience in startups

ID 703105

Satya Krishna Gorti

Summer Intern at Indian Institute of Science, Software Developer.

ID 330226

Akshay C Sharma

MIT CS, Passionate about open source, driven to tackle challenges. With increased interest in Game Development, AI, Algorithms, Application Development

ID 575930

Santosh Prasad

An avid coder from NIT Durgapur.Always excited to tinker with new stuff.Am a competitive programming enthusiast.Currently looking for Software Development Job.

ID 852128

Divya Pandey

Currently working as a programmer Analyst in cognizant for "Peoplesoft HCM Testing".

ID 580943

Pannagashri Rao

BMS CNE, Intern at IBM ISL for a year, Interested in ecommerce, SDN, cryptography.

ID 392969

Shreyas Subramaniam

CS Grad; Solid understanding of Web Apps, with key focus on the front-end. Currently leading a lot of UI efforts at InMobi.

ID 89146

Akash Kakkar

Founder & CEO DocMator • Worked at @science-applications-intl-corporation, @infragistics Engineering Graduate with 9+ years IT experience in various roles.

ID 456352

Prateek Jain

Senior Development Engineer with 3.3 Years of experience in IT/Software Industry

ID 780368

Manish Wadhwani

NIT Surat Computer Engineering, IBM - System Engineer for 1.5 yrs

ID 804172

Swapnil Solanki

Masters in Computer Science from IISc, Bangalore

ID 193338

Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla

Principal Engineer at @red-hat , Developer Consultant @indlinux Project.

ID 878632

renu meena

IITDelhi Integrated Mathematics & Computing, M.Tech thesis on parallel computing; developed tridiagonal parallel solver.Certified in Oracle Database(SQL&PL/SQL)

ID 531052

Abhinav Choudhury

BITS Pilani CS graduate, strongly interested in Data Science and Systems. Also a techie, (wannabe) polymath and photographer.

ID 799302

Sonu Ann Jacob

ID 614472

Deepak Pandey

R&D Engineer at ABB Limited, Variable Frequency Drives, Two Patents on Solar Technology.

ID 794956


MCA final year student.i love c++ and java

ID 725915

Karshit Jaiswal

Final Year at B.Tech (IT) IIIT Allahabad.

ID 763292

Chandni Singh

B.Tech(Chemical)-2014 passout,knowledge of java,datastructures,C,C++

ID 800416

sandeep kumar gupta

ID 807195

arun k

Software Tester

ID 702788

Sudheesh Varma

Technologist with 14 years of experience - in middleware and backend technologies - building scalable web frameworks.

ID 543144

Ali Hussain Hitawala

NIT-ALD CS, have few apps in Android Play Store. Interest includes data structure and algorithm and loves coding in OO paradigm.

ID 645966

Neeraj Prasad

BITS Pilani, MIT Manipal, C/C++ Prog, Architect, 9 yrs of strong tech exp in soft multimedia-emb tech. Specialization in Audio-Video Streaming, AV-sync.

ID 547694

Francis Lobo

Worked at Cisco, Motorola and Philips; Expert in Automated testing frameworks

ID 540868

Fagun Bhavsar

QA with 8+ yrs of experience in Web and Mobile app testing

ID 430112

Sarath Prabath Redlapalli Jaya

Under Graduate at BITS-Pilani. Love to code and interested in Machine Learning.

ID 840952

pavitra pavitra

(NIT Allahabad ,Very good academics ),Job Offer from Samsung R&D ,Currently Working in Sprinklr ,Passionate about working in startup environments

ID 614519

Raja S

Software Testing, QA, Perl, Storage Management, Test Automation

ID 528853

Nitin Gupta

Worked at Amazon. Excellent data structure and algorithm skills.

ID 840255

karthik bhaskara

Computer Science Graduate from BITS Pilani, looking for opportunities in Software Development. Worked at Oracle.

ID 757723

Shruti Parashar

Btech from NIT Allahabad. currently working on layer 3 signalling protocol of CDMA and LTE.

ID 865198

Lakhbir Singh

B.Tech. CSE MNNIT Allahabad, Working in SAMSUNG as middle/front-end developer on S-REMINDER(SAMSUNG) app. Willing to work in new startup environment.  

ID 869325

Nadeem Khan

MNIT Jaipur Btech Graduate having 1.5 years of software development experience in multinational company

ID 888639

Nitish Jain

BITS Pilani, Information Systems graduate, UI developer at Samsung R&D Bangalore, areas of interest Graph theory and algorithms.

ID 504845

Nithin Saji

Padawan Programmer | linux geek

ID 682564

Kushagra Singh

BITS Pilani CS graduate,Learner, developer, Works at Cisco.

ID 819236

Lakshmi Patil

Working as a software engineer , but looking for a business analyst role.

ID 424781

Ankur Bansal

Works at @amazon-com-1 • Studied at @bits-pilani-1

ID 465103

Pushkar Vijay Chitnis

Founder @storyberry • Worked at @microsoft, @adobe-systems • Studied at @university-of-delhi

ID 876120

Katuri Uday Kiran

R&D Engineer working in control plane team involving in the implementation of GMPLS, OSPFv3 protocols

ID 553899

Vivek Yadav

Worked at @redbus-in • Studied Computer Science at @motilal-nehru-national-institute-of-technology

ID 878061

Rahul Anand

6+ Years of Experience in Dot Net technologies. Currently working with Accenture. Strong Development and problem solving skills.

ID 480781

Mohammed Azhar

Not Yet

ID 720637

Kartik Ukhalkar


ID 781576

Vinod Kumar G

Btech student at sreenivasa institute of technology and management studies without any experience

ID 539392

hemant joshi

fresher/ looking for opportunity / open to learn / good team attitude / fast learner

ID 644577

sathish kumar katukuri

ME Communication Engg from BITS-PILANI,Pilani Campus, Working As Intern in Broadcom.

ID 852092

Charu Gupta

Software Developer @Oracle, Java developer, graduated from BITS Pilani - Computer Science 2012

ID 727229

hariprasad K

MCA 2014 RVCE, Working at cerner, Interested in Development

ID 641157

Naveen M S

RV aluminus, Storage and Networking knowledge, Mobility geek

ID 513761

Suryakant Gokhale

Bits-Pilani CS , Worked at Cisco and Yahoo , Socially minded , Prepared for IAS , Now looking for opportunities in IT which help solve rural / urban social issues.

ID 525206


Founder Marble • Worked at @zynga

ID 846822

Gautam Savaliya

2 years experience in Java/J2EE Web development

ID 641950

Nischal HP

Lets try something new today.

ID 379887

Jeshwanth Kumar N K

ID 575402

Ajay Srinivasan

BE(EC) worked in a startup as Frontend developer Hands on experience in Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, and Frameworks like Bootstrap 3 and Angular JS

ID 591286

Kumar Anurag

Jamia Millia Islamia CS , Software development of LTE technology, worked at Cisco system

ID 662465

prathyush kulkarni

Analytics professional with experience across pharma, technology and retail domains

ID 136124

Deepak Shenoy

KREC/NIT CS, Founded three companies, Financial Analyst, Algo trader, Trading System Developer, Awesome Writer, Humble as hell.

ID 782106

Subhrajyoti Nath

Done 5 months internship on Android and Drupal app development, My are of interest is Android and java developer field

ID 382944

Ajay Rungta

Worked at @practo, @infosys

ID 786702

Brijesh Kumar Patel

M.Tech. Software Engineering from NIT Allahabad with skills C,Java,Data structure,Algorithms.

ID 830380

Kumar B

Kumar B MCA from PESIT, worked at Mobhero Media, working as Software Engineer in Splenta Systems.

ID 806785

Bhagya Shetty

Software Engineer- Tesco Test Engineer, QA, Functional Testing, Regression testing, Integration Testing, Sanity Testing, User Acceptance Testing, System Testing

ID 813630

Gopi Podila

worked in oracle as database developer

ID 761143

Melvin Mathew

Fast-Leaner; Motivated; Yet to be;

ID 614504

Nishant S

Backend server generalist, proficient in Java stacks, Python and Javascript enthusiast. n00b web developer

ID 829479

Niranjan Das

12 Years experience in Storage Networking Industry, Worked at Brocade, Cisco, Broadcom previously. Expertise in FC, FCoE protocols, Finisar, Jammer, SAN

ID 855188

Ashwin Sinha

B.Tech. IIIT Allahabad, Industrial Training @MSSL,Noida in network support team

ID 543571

Abhijit Mazumder

BITS MS, 11 years of experience as Full Stack Engineer, Launched own start-up, Worked in Intuit, EMC, Oracle, Finance/Payment/ Ecommerce domain experience

ID 505190

Neelesh Salgaonkar

Ex-CTO of Germinait Solutions, IIM Bangalore MBA, Previously @wipro, @ibm. Currently @paypal. Bullish on technology.

ID 785504

Moghira Rahman

Full Stack/Web Developer,Java EE Enthusiast

ID 874126

venkatesh Thimma

Highly skilled software professional having 3+ years of work experience in developing secure web applications and server side J2EE development.

ID 748923

Ajay Harchandani


ID 485735

Jayakumar Gunasekaran

Worked at Intel Technologies Bangalore.

ID 658464

Ankita Vimal

MS in Computer Science. Cisco experience in switching: 802.1ae, 802.1x, datapath forwarding - fpga and asic, silent-roll features. Traveller, singer, reader.

ID 853793

Jiwan Ghosal

quick learner

ID 757623

Ayushi Gupta

B.Tech in ECE from IIIT Allahabad, CGPA 9.0 and looking for a challenging carrier.

ID 577372

Swetha Gowda

B.E(CS) 2012, working as Software Developer,Created web application for Banking domain.

ID 856971

Kunwar Shashwat

Working at Microland, Worked at STS@Cisco Systems

ID 575559

mukul jha


ID 830259


Dot net developer in Unisys. Learning ruby on rails myself, looking forward to work on it.

ID 680292

Suhas Moudgalya

Author of an International Journal in IJRET titled "Bio-metric Electronic Wallet For Digital Currency".

ID 496927

Shwetang R.D

Founder & CEO - DribbleLogics

ID 884934

Shivani Priya

ID 387422

Sayak Rana

BTECH Computer Science, 11+ years of experience, 7+ in Microsoft R&D, E-Commerce Startup, Ruby on Rails, Mysql

ID 632107

Ashwin Kelkar

Result oriented, hands-on engineering leader with experience of delivering multiple data networking products, collaborating across geographies.

ID 698698

Deependra Singh

IIIT GWALIOR, Integrated Post Graduate (Btech +Mtech) programming lover, interested in software and Web Development.

ID 859834

Bindu Sriramineni


ID 786911

smitha b patil

ID 166508

Nilanjan Basu

• Studying (Final Year) BS in CS, Jadavpur University. • C,C++,Java,Python • Knows Oracle SQL,HTML/CSS, Django, Bash. • Strong in Data Structures & Algorithms.

ID 591538

Tarun Israni

Passionate programmer with high problem solving skills

ID 786495

Shreyas Damle

B.Tech with 1.5 years of experience in Network Security/Information Security at Infosys LTD, Cyber Security Enthusiast, SIEM

ID 768448

nabajyoti boruah

ID 852577

Aarsha Rajan

Java Developer 3.5 yrs of experience looking for role of developer where there are opportunities to learn and explore latest tools and technologies.

ID 813309

Sreenivas Paluvuri

9 Years of experience in S/W testing with Executive MBA degree from Symbiosis.

ID 456223

Roopesh Shenoy

Founder & CEO, makkajai. Third startup in Education & Learning space. Game Designer, Product Manager.

ID 272121

Gokul Alex

Worked at @ibm-global-business-services, @sapientnitro • Studied at @university-of-kerala

ID 802992

Apoorva Murthy

Self-starter with business and technical perspective having worked at various start-ups and a well-established organization.

ID 474297

Anuraj Pandey

SDE II at, IIIT Hyderabad B.Tech in CS

ID 515677

Sharmila Sinha

Senior Developer at Dell-Sonicwall, previously worked at Logica. Good technical and problem solving skills.

ID 818630

Pallavi Shrinkhal

ID 519117

pavan naga teja vemana

MS student at IIIT Hyderabad. Proficient in Python and Web Technologies. Interested in working on new technologies.

ID 777857

Rahul Tiwari


ID 744979

Nitesh Malhotra

I love working on challenging and interesting problems, and want to continue doing that.

ID 699162

Subhankar chowdhury


ID 536532

prabhakaran krishnamoorthy

18+ years of experience in software development in various platforms.Founder

ID 767456

Shubham Gupta


ID 550721

Sanjana Kempanna

Sri Jayachamarajendra college of Engineering[MCA, CS], Android developer, Successfully developed two native apps and a web app.

ID 494087



ID 552461

Anish Kumar


ID 529320

Jeevan KK

2+ years experienced in Product based company

ID 820515

Vivek Chand

Full Stack Developer, Machine Learning Enthusiast, Startup Geek

ID 717813

Anish Khandelwal

CS from NIT, Nagpur, working on ODI application adapters for Big Data with Oracle

ID 804616

Kiran Ainani

BE student in Information Science,developed 2 projects a website using HTML,Xampp and a Information portal using Java,Mysql. Currently developing mobile apps.

ID 296287

Santhoshkumar Settipalli

Product Architecture and Development · Distributed Systems · Cloud Computing · Virtualization · Big Data (NoSQL) · Linux · Enterprise Web Design and Programming

ID 797433

Sonal Raj

B.Tech (Hons.) from NIT, Jamshedpur. Software Engineer at Sigmoid Analytics. Pythonista, Machine Learning enthusiast. Co-founded after college.

ID 445006

Aaditya Sriram

CS Graduate, full time inventor. Worked at Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft.

ID 441745

Jeet Bavishi

Gujarat University CS, Java, MySQL Programmer, Wanting to work in startups, Self-Initiative, Get Things Done attitude

ID 855216

preity khandelwal

Computer science engineer from NIT,Nagpur now working at Edureka as a QA Engineer,responsible for manual and automation testing.Proficient in java,selenium

ID 883682

Siddharth Mallik

Graduated From NIT-BHOPAL in the field of Computer Science. Have Training experience with Samsung and have worked as Software Engineer with Mediatek.

ID 556597

Harsha H S

Sound back ground in math and CS with strong fundamentals. Quick learner and a team player.

ID 717114

Neha Tevathia

Programmer Analyst, 1 year Experience, SQL/Informatica developer, Interested in Python, Java and HTML

ID 525279

Jaikumar H. M.

Studied at @dr-ambedkar-institute-of-technology-bangalore

ID 638890

Mahabaleshwar Shankar Hegde

UBDTCE,Developed android application,Designed database project front end using visual basic 6.0.

ID 503396

vinayka J


ID 883888

Mandav Prakash

B.Tech Computer Science Graduate 2014 passout

ID 753061

Laxman Kompelli

Launched one Windows mobile app

ID 836992

Swati Sharma

Quality Assurance Analyst

ID 659457

Alok Suresh

worked on 2 succesfull android application at

ID 683424

Ramesh Navi

Ramesh Navi, M.Tech[Computer Sci & Engg] 2014 Fresher, B.E.[Computer Sci & Engg] 2012, Skills: C/C++, core java, HTML Resume at :

ID 610228

Shreyata Sugandhi

QA Techno Manager/Project Lead/Consultent Test Automation with 8.5 yrs exp.

ID 484462

Vikas Pai

Recent College Graduate Seeking Entry Level Programming Position @ Software | Trainee (Fresher) |

ID 528003

Vinod Kumar L

Interned at @cisco, @ibm • Studied Bachelor of Engineering at @pesit

ID 693728

Abhilash Bhattacharya

Full time UI/UX Developer and Game Developer.Worked in various UI and design oriented projects

ID 648644

Shyjal Raazi

Thinker / Developer

ID 90846

Reji Thomas

Founder • Entrepreneur • SaaS Developer • Strong Product, Project Manager • Worked @aol

ID 386541

Alekhya Pallapotu

ID 650122

Ramesh Subramani

Worked at @infosys-technologies, @tata-consulting-services-tcs • Studied at @amrita-institute-of-technology-science-ettimadai-coimbatore

ID 491442

Rajesh M Venkatesan

Python Developer, M.Tech CS Grad, Worked at IBM.

ID 670972

Abhishek Singh

Fresh engineering graduate seeking a Software developer position where I can gain experience as part of team to research, develop and maintain new products.

ID 542398

Ganapathi Kunjal

Student @ Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology

ID 634756

Chandrashekar Chandu

JAVA Developer (FRESHER)

ID 520517

Nishtha Khanna

IIIT-Delhi CS, Software Engineer at Accenture, Strong web designing skills

ID 29190

Paras Kuhad

I am an independent web consultant and product designer. I mostly work on web applications for their development and growth.

ID 459064

kumari radha

I'm a Linux Enthusiast and a command line freak. I love using Linux and enjoys the freedom and benefit of GNU Linux Computing.

ID 684919

Priya Laxmi

Student of PESIT bangalore ,Internship at .

ID 160842


@livechant provides a platform for merchants and consumers to find and choose each other.

ID 846905

Mohammed Safath

developed football transfer apps

ID 589654

Praveen S

Web Developer

ID 679791

Uday Bhanu

PESIT-BSC 2013, CSE, Android project, iClock using C at PESIT, Latency application in python and Django at Fidelity. Good at Python. OCPJP-6 and CCSP Certified.

ID 465549

Veeresh Hawaragi

Oracle Certified Associative, Java SE 7 Programmer. Currently working in a start up company.

ID 741651

Shruti Tolanur

MBA fresher and CS Engineer ,worked as intern at BOSCH Ltd,Bangalore

ID 476684

Shoaib Ali


ID 884739

nitish b

PESIT ISE, Founder &Head, OpenStack Student Group India, Worked/Interned at Microsoft Research, Directi, Ittiam and Intel.

ID 449933

Ravi Kumar N K

Software Developer at Oracle . Developed rich web-based portals using WEB 2.0 and Java. Certified Big Data / Hadoop developer

ID 687891

Harekrishna Murari

Pesit Bangalore, Information science(2010-2014), Fresher

ID 714306

Meeth D Jain

Software Enginner at LG Soft India

ID 820558

Sandeepa Reddy

worked as an intern at SourceN. Quick learner.

ID 431455

Aditi Bhatnagar

Working with a start-up in networking domain. Interested in a job that help me learn fundamentals as I apply them in real life.

ID 530829

Priya Vishwanath

Engineer, 2012 passout, currently working at Oracle

ID 653857


M.Tech in CSE with 0 exp. looking for internship

ID 471861

Rohit Satya

A computer science engineer who loves science, technology & sports and always wants to be a part of something that can make a difference.

ID 388680

Pawan Kumar

Founder of Filed patent on widget wiring. Loves Web and Android development, Computer Science Graduate from IIT - Varanasi (IIT - BHU). .

ID 725710

Shafi Shaik Muhammad

Server Automation, Web App development, Web App vulnerability Testing with 3 years of experience from Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft.,

ID 887271

Bhasker Kumar

PESIT IS, about 1 year experience in healthcare and retail Domain.

ID 550847

Navaneeth Y.V

Worked at @juniper-networks • Studied at @pesit

ID 412774

Srinath Janakiraman

Developer with 3 years of experience in .NET, JavaScript, HTML5, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Applications

ID 544204

Muthu raj

PESIT Graduate .Interned at Yahoo,played an important role in Android app development.Currently working in Disney Interactive helping build a stable and scalable platform for social games.

ID 656550

sagar m

PESIT CS, worked at hewlett packard, 3 years fo work expeiernce, strong in coding and datastructures.

ID 378840

Arjun Kamath

PESIT CS, Worked at Target Corporation, Build data warehouse for;

ID 179533

Biplav Saraf

Passionate Software Engineer with more focus on Product and Features.

ID 535501

Jigisha Aryya

PESIT, Bangalore ISE graduate, 5+ years exp. in Java development, sharp business acumen, Led to many successful initiatives, working on independent projects

ID 789971

Ritesh Kumar

Software Engineer having Experience in Node.js,MongoDB,Python,Java,LAMP,OOJS and Webservices Design and Development of Software Applications.

ID 662673

Sharath Babu

SDET/Automation Engineer, Successfully deployed automated testing solution with Robotframework for two Release cycle for Juniper Networks.

ID 743621

Taveltor Airin

PESIT (ISE), Java/LAMP developer and app designer, worked in Oracle ST

ID 59998

Adhityan K V

Innovative, motivated, dynamic and a passionate programmer. Seriously, trust me when i say: "I am nuts about programming and I am good". Period.

ID 215704

Vishal .

IIIT CS grad, Product vision/Roadmap Technologist, Front-End Technologist, Mentor, Lead

ID 556473

Manu C

Worked at @goldman-sachs, @intuit • Studied at @b-m-s-college-of-engineering

ID 853411

Siddharth Kumar

ID 96980

Shrikrishna Holla

Full Stack Generalist, Google Summer of Code 2012, Open Source evangelist, I wear (too) many hats

ID 818664

Vishwas Shetty

ID 835944


fresher, strong background of c, c++, java, html, css, JavaScript, php, trainee at HP, and NTPC

ID 667515

Neel Kamal

Worked at Google and Microsoft. Developed web monitoring tool

ID 779638

Ritika Chourasia

Ritika Chourasia BE-IT 2014 Fresher

ID 638603

Sumukha T V

UVCE CS, Worked at two startups, machine learning enthusiaist

ID 805705

Abhilash Panda

Fresher with BE degree looking for a Entry level job

ID 664196

Jayesh Sreedharan

Security Research and Analytics

ID 688668

Pravin Agarwala


ex SVP and Global Head of Cloud ERP at SAP. Founded E2e solutions invested in 2 other startups focusing on ERP and Health.

ID 630273

Vijay Batham in IT from Indian Institute of Information technology, Allahabad.

ID 522610

Ravi Teja Nandula

Software developer,launched one android application, I built web applications from scratch to production

ID 290990

Arnav Chaudhary

Engineering Lead at SkillWiz.

ID 755365

Anjali Rathore

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science,Currently working as Catalogue specialist at

ID 361987

Arpan Lepcha

Loves coding

ID 632992

Amit Kumar Aman

Job For software Engineer Position

ID 792999

Arpit Tantia


ID 598135

Sardeep Lakhera

Working in TCS

ID 760836

Dinkar Jaiswar

I have done my seven academic project based on java swing and oracle database,MySql Database.

ID 378531

Harshit Pathak

Worked with a small team of three developers to launch an android app for wealth management namely Spendwell.

ID 814776

Vinay singh

love to learn

ID 270783

rajinder kumar

ID 734541

Dinkar Jaiswar

I am fresher (2014 batch) Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad Software Developer at M-Tech Informatics Ltd Gurgaon

ID 847220

Kamnee Maran

IT student of IIIT ALLAHABAD Got Job offer from accenture

ID 658253

Naseer Ahammed

I had create 3 successful websites using php and 2 using cms and joomla all are in working manner you view all the contents of the websites given

ID 788570

Aditya Singh

knowledge of java, android,c, c plus

ID 615463

Vipin Varghese

7 years of diversified experience in building solutions for data acceleration for TCP/SSL, load balance for 4G, Traffic Managers & high available models.

ID 591177

Vibhu Sharma

Python and Node developer.

ID 630642

Arun Priyadarshi

A Fresh college Graduate lookin gfor a job

ID 615785

Swapnil Sonkar

Student at IIIT allahabad

ID 630137

Rohit Nandan

IIIT Graduate

ID 737038

Hemshankar Sahu

M. Tech in CSE from IIT Roorkee, Work for Oracle India, Successful web base project deployed, Looking for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence profile.

ID 723833

Dinkar Jaiswar

I completed my B.Tech -IT from IIIT Allahabad in 2014.I have good academic experience

ID 833643

Vinayendra Kumar Singh

B. Tech in Information Technology 2015 (IIIT - Allahabad) looking for a challenging career in Software Engineering/web designing and developement.

ID 600926

Rohit sharma

Technology Enthusiast,Developer,Interested in Learning

ID 839954

Hareesh Goud

java, website developing full stack developer. I worked on career app in

ID 794902

Ajaya kumar biradar

Pursuing MCA at DSCE;Facebook fellow.

ID 626289

Vinay Kumar

Studied at @indian-institute-of-information-technology-allahabad Information Technology

ID 791857

Rahul Ranjan

B.Tech(Punjab Technical University), 3+ Years Experience Developing Windows Application and Web Applications

ID 543529

Rajeev Kumar

Full stack generalist; Launched successful apps for Android and iOS. Worked at Microsoft and startups

ID 237936

Digvijay Singh student at IIITA, Working at Juniper Networks, worked as a Network Administrator for IIITA, Newbie Writer, and Poet.

ID 852699

Pritam Kumar

Software Developer @teritree Technologies.

ID 614357

Ankur Kumar

C,C++ Trained on Core Java. Knowledge of JavaScript Done project under DMRC,Delhi on PHP. Worked on Win XP, 7, 8, 8.1 A quick learner.

ID 542344

K.V.N. Pavan

IIIT Grad,Close to 4 years(3.7 years) of exp. in Java/web development,built a few products and teams from scratch, interested in R&D, product development

ID 866446

Vikash Kumar

I had done my three semester projects successfully and used different technology in the projects.

ID 495049

Rishabh Bhardwaj

A Data Enthusiast and willing to learn and explore different engineering domains.

ID 443026

Rahul Tanwani

A passionate techie, worked on building data oriented scalable web platforms. Currently leading backend platform development efforts at Notiphi.

ID 626591

Arun K Vinod

Computer Science Engineer ; Need to work as a software developer ; Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

ID 377017

Shashi Prakash

Works at PayU Payment Pvt Ltd as Software Developer

ID 412340

Sreejesh KP

Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 798897

shashi shekhar

i am good at programming and i have excellent knowledge of what i mentioned i my resume.just looking for an oppurtunity.

ID 670942

Dinkar Jaiswar

I am a fresher graduate in IT from IIIT-Allahabad.I have to done my seven academic projects(6 months each) using C, C++, Java ,Python/Django, SQL, PL/SQL,Oracle

ID 873697

Radhika Warrier

Working at SoftwareAG, SoftwareAG certified webMethods BPM, ESB and CAF developer. Certified trainer on ESB, BPM and CAF products of SoftwareAg

ID 734092

Sachin Narayanan

7+ years of experience with technical expertise in Web Analytics, Web 2.0, Web App Development, FINRA, Network Security, and Social Network APIs and Research

ID 318655

Kirubakaran D

IIIT Grad, 6+ years of experience in software development, Agile methodologies, Worked at Akamai, Intuit.

ID 634550

Deepthi Pathare

BTech graduate in Computer Science with high level of energy and enthusiasm

ID 774289

Daitwa Anand

Fresher looking for company that will utilise my knowledge as well as helps me to enhance it.Did one college project in php language,a tutorial Website.

ID 450745

Arpita Singh

Motivated and higly energetic, Web Ninja, loves web development. Learns Android !

ID 450783

Shikhar Gupta

President and Co-Founder of a Non-Profit organization called Change For One

ID 827524

Pooja R

Fresher, completed my engineering in the year july-2014, pursuing Core Java and Advanced Java at NIIT

ID 600058

Vikram Thakur

Highly enthusiastic in Graphics Development and currently working in Samsung's Graphics Team

ID 425244

Prasad Batagurki

Completed MCA on 2013, Did internhsip for 5 months on Android Project.. Seeking for the Job currently

ID 689164


B.Tech. in ECE from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, currently working at Gaboli Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

ID 873807

Arundhathi Syamalan

Btech grad,working as Software Engineer focused on Supply chain domain.

ID 705101

Vishwa Nath Jha

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Enthusiast | 1.5 Yr Work-ex

ID 598552

Siddharth Kothari

Tester , loves testing , good in QTP

ID 412404

Hari Shyam

I want to explore my skills and learn new things in good environment. i am hardworker and flexible at work and good analytics.

ID 825114

Rahul Kumar

Big Data developer experience in work on Hadoop eco system projects and Apache Spark eco system. created various Realtime dashboard on Play framework and D3.js.

ID 776747

Naveen V


ID 660546

ravindra singh with honors in computer science

ID 832559

Tanu Saxena

Participated in TGMC launched by IBM in 2012

ID 607221

Ashish chandra

IIITA undergraduate, Software engineering Intern at Juniper networks

ID 759101

Hemant Kr. Meena

B.Tech CSE ,IIT Guwahati

ID 622695

Anudeep Patel

Automation Engineer, Expertise in web application and Mobile App automation,Tools-Selenium,Selndroid,Web Development(HTML,CSS,Bootstrap,PHP,MySQL,MongoDB)

ID 598006

laasya krishna

MSc Tech Information systems, Bits Pilani 2013 graduate.

ID 814634

Chandrakanth Shettigar

Founder Screenom - Entrepreneur in Learning• Worked at @sears-holdings-corporation , @dow-jones and startups• Studied at @visveswaraih-technology-university

ID 238887

Sandeepa Nadahalli

Diploma CS, BE information science, 5+ years of software development experience in semiconductor company, 4 years experience in web development, saas, java.

ID 886595

Vijay Mishra

IT Graduate looking for opportunities in IT sector.

ID 777214

priyanka singh

Looking for internship / full time opportunities in technical companies to test my skills, currently got a job offer from accenture, trainee at HP

ID 389558

Vijith Kini

Entrepreneur(Founder RushGuest), Engineer(Qt, Android backend and front end)

ID 753680

Sandeep Makhija

Big Data Architect

ID 250992

Gunasheela G

Automation testing , Novell Softwares .

ID 656808

Nirmal M Antony

CUSAT Computer Science graduate

ID 627814

Pooja Pande fresher , curently doing internship at HP(R&D) Bangalore. Looking for great opportunity to work.

ID 595342

Ravi Prakash

In anticipation of an opportunity providing intellectually challenging work in the field of computers for proving and enriching my knowledge and skills.

ID 527911

Pawan Tejwani

DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Developer, worked at NSE Infotech (Indias no1 stock exchange), Cloud technology supporter

ID 388727

Amit Kumar Goldy

Worked at @university-of-pretoria-1, @tarnea-technology-solutions • Studied at @university-of-pretoria, @university-of-allahabad

ID 548743


Software Engineer at Tavant Technologies(I) Pvt Ltd

ID 530880

Pavan Itagi

iOS developer @ymedia-labs-pvt-ltd . Wants to work on products which solve real world problem, which fills the GAP between two worlds

ID 730795

Chaitanya Naga

ID 828560

archit yadav

Electronics and Communication Engineer; PG-Diploma from C-DAC Acts,Pune in Wireless and Mobile Computing. Strong C/C++ background and wanna work on android

ID 791918

anand jeyahar

Full Stack generalist,

ID 690342

Vedanth Kartheek

Co-Founder of two small startups Ruby on Rails developer Novice Pythonista

ID 792185

Rajdeep Paul

ID 817538

Sumit Raj

Software Engineer @ Yodlee Infotech, Freelancer, Loves Python, Intrapreneural thought. Interests :- Machine Learning, Python,NLP Data Science, Web Mining

ID 587666

Avinash K G

Java Architect with 13 years of hands on architecting/programming experience. Worked at Target corporation & various other startups.

ID 864413

Tejendra Gehlot

Graduated from MNIT Jaipur (CS), Completed Summer Training from ISRO Jodhpur, where I have created an "Online quiz web application".

ID 884332

Abhishek Agarwal

Java Developer with Infosys Limited. Managed a startup in college. Keen learner.

ID 707813

Shiva Satti

Working as Sr.Software Engineer at VAS Trans Pvt Ltd. Successfully Completed 3 SLC's in past 4 years

ID 303632

Shobhit Jain

Growth Hacker and QA at,

ID 216255

Arindam Chakraborty

CTO & Co-founder of @getechoed. Built the live website end-to-end single handed

ID 596270

Mitali Goel

Profecient in C

ID 281983

Harshit Agarwal

Co-Founder XYSec Labs • Worked at @shopperson • Studied at @Kalinga Insitute of Industrial Technology

ID 594120

Tejas A V

B.E student at PESIT,Bangalore

ID 608878

aishwat singh

National Institute of Technology Goa - Computer Science , CERN Intern at CMS Experiment , 9.1 cgpa

ID 743271

Diptika Shukla

Diptika Shukla (Java,J2EE Developer)

ID 581123

Risabh Baheti

2 software, one in matlab othe in c++. machine learning , robotics, constant learner

ID 644806

aditya shanker tagirisa

Hardcore Web developer with 1+ years of experience

ID 576900

sushma babu

Goal oriented and 1+ years of experience in manual testing with hands on experience in C++ with unix with excellent communicatin skills.

ID 726148

Kanhaiya Agarwal

successfully build platform for accounting@flipkart build micro services as a part of that platform.

ID 588877

Akshata Salehittal

2014 Graduate,NIT GOA, Organizing and Event Management head of the Google Students Community NIT Goa under Google Student Ambassador (GSA) program

ID 592297

ankit prakash passout) NIT TRICHY

ID 128819

Devashish Mamgain

Founder @mobitexter • Worked at @xora • Studied at @govind-ballabh-pant-engineering-college

ID 44555

Sundeep Dev Singh

Team Leader at @antenna-software. Also worked with MindTree.

ID 746844

Pradeep Kini

ID 623525

Raghav Singh

ID 261511

Saurabh Saha

ID 64449

Naveen Ullikashi

The Nurturer

ID 354231

Shiva Saxena

|Full Stack Web Developer| Software Enthusiast

ID 706255

Shubhangi Garg

MCA - NIT Kurukshetra, Worked at Samsung

ID 869667

Gaurav Manchanda

Software Associate @ Manhattan Associate ; Created 4 Automation Tools for Manhattan ; Strong Technical background ; contributed in Open source projects;

ID 826919

rajani d

PHP/Web developer with 3 years of exp

ID 260621

Manas Singh

Worked at @emc, @infosys • Studied at @jaypee-university-of-information-technology

ID 727341

Rachana Bp

ECE, Fresher,looking forward for a challenging environment in your prestigious company which will recognize my talent and extract the best of my capabilities.

ID 480550

Chitra Abhilash

4+ years developing websites and E-Commerce applications using HTML, CSS and jQuery/Javascript; Ambitious and always hungry to learn and grow in this industry.

ID 874246

Aadil Khan

intern at amazon

ID 788258

Jēēt Šıňgh


ID 563453

Vinay Segu

Eudaemonic Systems,Software Engg,Worked on R&D project related to networks

ID 788150

Vijaya Kumar M S

PMP, Data Analytics with Java/C++/Perl/RDBMS/MongoDB with 11+yrs of technical and managerial skills

ID 693445

shubham rohatgi

ID 34475

Gaurav Singh

Works at @lifetape, Prev founder @stalkninja. Loves HTML5, javascript and WordPress

ID 540364

Chethan Y

Linux Engineer in Green Turtles Technologies Pvt Ltd

ID 523567

Anup Belambe

To obtain a challenging position, which will give an opportunity to use my skills in a diverse environment to solve customer needs and help organization grow

ID 842781

priya kumari

Employee at Sonus Networks,B.Tech(CSE) degree from Indian School Of Mines,Dhanbad

ID 464049

Rishabh Dua

Full stack, back end and front end software engineer. Expertise in PHP, MySQL and AWS Cloud Infra, Experience in growth hacking/analytics

ID 801580

Anil Bhat


ID 883093

Navanith HV

VTU Grad, Hands on in Web Service and Web Apps Testing with extensive knowledge on tools such as soapUI, Selenium Webdriver.

ID 506703

Vrijendra singh

Worked at Optical Fusion Inc on a VOIP product.After that I joined SonicWALL InfoSecurity and worked on Email Security product(Anti-Spam Desktop) .

ID 631936

Komal Pawar

Masters CS, Expertise in Set Top Box, Digital TV domain and testing Embedded Systems and Web based applications with QTP Automation

ID 651882

Akhil Shetty

Computer Science Engineering Fresher

ID 820654


As a fresher Underwent training on SOFTWARE TESTING,SQL and automation tool SELENIUM.

ID 770423

Saurabh Pratap Singh

Currently Working as MTS at Oracle as a Developer for Windows specific development Iin RDBMS and IPC in ORACLE RAC.Graduated from IIT BHU

ID 470069

Abilash S

Associate Engineer, Product Development For

ID 837752

arpita nikam


ID 671302

Satendra Kumar Yadav Student of ISM Dhanbad,Fresher.

ID 672120

Jaikanth S

MCA from VIT University, Vellore. Worked as Web Developer for Axis Creative Agency for 6 months.

ID 699463

Vikash Kumar

Engineering in Computer Science

ID 851097

Soumya Arkasali

I am a Fresher B.E(E&C) with total aggregate of 71-.7 and Key knowlge skills c,c++,core java

ID 855198

Siddanna Magi

Responsive Web Designer/Developer with PHP, MySql Skills

ID 738732

Ritesh Bhat

B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering from RNSIT, Bangalore | Web Developer and Designer | Tech Junkie | Avid Programmer | Fanatic Gamer

ID 671337

Bhawesh Kumar

B.Tech CSE ISM Dhanbad Fresher

ID 584530

Mohammed Adnan

I am web designer.

ID 834693

Poonam Kumari

ID 360279

Abhinav Sharma

worked at a product start up

ID 381010

yogish naik

oracle pl/sql developer

ID 608996

Vijaya Krishna Mulpuri

Application Developer & Architect

ID 690397

Aseem Mongia


ID 199856

Rajesh Pitty

Studied at @loyola-college

ID 512463

Girish B

Worked at @sap-labs-india-p-vt-ltd

ID 484792

mahesh gondi

Worked at @yahoo, @google-summer-of-code • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bhu

ID 794304

kaushalendra kumar

a fresh graduate , good in coding, data structure, algos,well acquainted with MySql, DBMS, operating system, currently enrolled in online classes for python

ID 699874

manoj tm

6 months experienced and who doesnt care about Programming Lang, but about Technlogoy

ID 298693

Rahul Kapoor

ID 733366

Kritarth Upadhyay

IIT Varanasi CS, Working at @WalmartLabs

ID 396240

Prat Pal

Experience Consultant seeking consulting opportunities

ID 642801

Sushrava ks


ID 784339

AsHUtoSh Pujar

Six months hands-on exposure to PHP, HMTL, CSS, JAVASCRIPT

ID 562865

Pradeep M.N

Dear Sir, I am very interested in software developer position that is available in your company. I recently completed my MCA and I am actively seeking employment with recognize firms. I planned to build my career as Software Developer. My technical skill

ID 624842

Ankit Choudhary

Python Enthusiast, Software Developer @Oracle, Masters And Bachelors from IIT- BHU, Varanasi

ID 745704

Somesh Shetkar

MCA student from VTU university; Facebook fellow;Strong Leadership quality;flexible to work under any pressure.

ID 766431

Nidhi Jha

B. E.(IT),2 years of experience as System Engineer having Client Facing, Analytical Technical Analysis and software development Skills.

ID 819379

Rakshith Jajur

Dedicated to my work and also believe in smart work which is hard work with little smartness.

ID 813788

Rahul Gangwar

ISM Dhanbad EE'14

ID 671456

Omprakash Jat

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