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ID 729311

Shoaib Khan

Co-founder of @dramatize, Co-founded 3 successful companies, Engineering @birla Institute of Technology and Science 2008.

ID 655885

Amjad Ali

ID 182605

Tirthesh Ganatra

A StartUp Guy; a HeadStarter and Chief Disciple at @pricebaba

ID 678997

Shreyans Jain

ID 75161

Srinivasa Teja

CEO & Co-founder of @croak-it . Engineer & entrepreneur. System Security & Scalability addict. IIT Kharagpur (2011)

ID 88961

Suraj Jaiswal

CS graduate who lives and breathes code. Among other things, built a location based property search engine. Works in stealth on @eduora's back-end code.

ID 80609

Girish Nayak

Sr. Lead Software Engineer at Adobe Systems

ID 87299

Nagarjun Palavalli

Founder at, an angel funded start-up straight out of college. IB at Cambridge, web programmer and also an entrepreneur.

ID 768772

Paramanantham Harrison

Front end developer (full stack JavaScript developer). Experience in B2B, SaaS, Cloud products.

ID 312779

Siddharth Arun

Chief of design with @socialblood-org-1. Self-taught web designer & developer. Geek. Gamer. Obsessive domain buyer. Lover of all things minimalistic.

ID 471615

Ranjeet singh

Worked for @Tata-consulting-services, @tripbell, @spacenab, @campusdiaries • Studied at @Hindu-college

ID 51450

Shashikiran Reddy

@bridesview Engineering Lead, with more then 10 years of Web Development experience

ID 165787

Tejas Dinkar

Ugh. Something about Ruby. I work at @c42-engineering, the guys behind @codemonk. I've also worked at @thoughtworks

ID 649658

Sathvik Vishwanath

Founded Unocoin - a way for Indians to buy & sell bitcoins. Prevously founded VentureNext Inc to serve a 3D scripting market. MBIT from University of Melbourne

ID 312718

Nitesh Kumar

UI/UX Designer

ID 185415

Mithun Stephen

Chief of Engineering @socialblood-org-1. Loves building things. Good with learning new technologies and solving problems. Self taught web developer.

ID 847858

Irfan Raza

Have developed 8-10 android app being freelancer. Good exposure to server side Api development and android app development

ID 688762

Abhinay Kumar

Abhinay Kumar Co-Founder CodersFactory • Worked at @idealistr, @preseed • Studied at @biju-patnaik-university-of-technology

ID 54832

Arumugham Sankaran

Entrepreneur | Co Founder, Get2Galaxy | Education Enthusiast | Technology Agnostic | Software Architect

ID 315199

Pardeep Ghuman

Worked at @university-of-southampton-1, @southampton-solent-university-1 • Studied at @bournemouth-university

ID 59998

Adhityan K V

Innovative, motivated, dynamic and a passionate programmer. Seriously, trust me when i say: "I am nuts about programming and I am good". Period.

ID 447222

Srinath G S

Open Source enthusiast, polyglot programmer with server side development experience(MVC) and server configuration experience Deployed application on AWS

ID 205940

Abhishek Srivastava

ID 696606

Pravin Kottawar

MTech IT NIT Surathkal, Working at oracle. Quick Learner and ability to work across multiple domains and teams.

ID 115288

Akash Deshpande

CTO of EverCrave. Love technology and presently working on Python Django. E&TC Engineer. National Gold medallist in Table Tennis.

ID 252190

Ranjan Kumar

B.Tech CS from VIT, Vellore. 4 years experince with Web development. UI lead on Intel Developer Zone. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Jquery. PHP. Python. Ruby. MySQL

ID 205731

Saad Bin Akhlaq

Full stack generalist, worked at two different start ups, Plivo (YC batch 2011), Learning outcomes Pvt. Ltd.

ID 187431

Sinduja Ramaraj

Web developer. Worked at @successfactors, @cordys • Studied at @psg-college-of-technology

ID 613756

Vijay Pratap Singh Rana

Worked at @sitegalleria-com @hcl, @spring-software • Project experience :,

ID 874187

Mohammad Asif

ID 497722

Gowrav Shekar

Full Stack Web Developer, CTO & Co-Founder @ Maandate

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